You guys know me, a party animal.
I have been around, living my crazy life, and trust me, I have seen some kinky stuff. Me and my homies used to go from one strip club to another each night, checking the hotties out, throwing some money at them, chilling, and drinking booze. Things have changed over the years, on the global and the personal level, so I have decided to watch the girls undress online. It’s safer, cheaper, and I don’t risk any of the girls falling in love with me. I have discovered Chaturbate, which was not that hard since it is one of the best-known websites for solo webcam shows. Let me introduce you to this awesome webpage, packed with open-minded hotties willing to do anything if you throw a couple of tokens their way.

I approve of the website design. It is simple but exciting at the same time. The website’s name is located in the upper left corner, written in orange, yellow letters, Chaturbate. The term implies that masturbating while you chat is a special skill that all the featured broadcasters have. The first menu is highlighted in deep blue, taking you to the main options you can use on this website. The Chat Rooms button will bring you a new window where you further choose the girls you like. Trust me, all of them are fine and come in all shapes and sizes. If you are into dudes, the option is there, as well as chaturbating with couples or trans people. Some videos are in HD, and all of them state the number of views. The first chat room I entered was with a tattooed chick shaking her ass for other dudes and me online, but the downer was she needed glasses to read the messages. Too bad I couldn’t put a dollar in her panties.

Let’s move on. I was allowed to some chat rooms, but other girls demanded an existing account for me to join. Once I registered, I could enter every chat room I found interesting. The payment isn’t obligatory, but the girls sometimes ignore the viewers who refuse to tip them. Some girls had many viewers, so they took the things to the next level for small tips. It looks like their motto is ‘many a little makes a mickle’. The rules are simple, just like in a striptease bar, no spamming, no harassment, no rude posts, no private data in the chat. That wasn’t hard for me to obey. I am familiar with this kind of people. If you desire to find out more about the person performing a solo show, just scroll down. The data reveals girl’s names, or nicknames, the number of followers, gender, location, language, and body type. There is an option to view the pictures or read the stats. I was busy looking at their boobs, stats weren’t as interesting. All girls are amateurs, but the videos are in HQ, and the content is so diverse it is sure to fulfill the kinkiest desires. The next option in the menu is Broadcast Yourself. Creating an account is mandatory to use this option, but it is free. The only criteria you have to meet is to be older than 18.

Enter the world of Tags. The most extensive number of viewers was into #teens with 81878 viewers and #18 boasting more than 80000 fans. The following most viewed tag is #big boobs with more than 72500 viewers, followed by #squirt with more than 72802. Other popular hashtags included #anal with around 63400 viewers, #new with just over 60000 viewers, #Latina with about 40000, and #Asian with just over 30000 viewers. The tag list contains many other keywords such as ebony, mature, hairy, feet, small tits, big cock, etc. I loved big ass babes, and more than 45000 bros shared my opinion. The list is impressive, making it clear why Chaturbate is so popular. The tags list has as many as ten pages. How incredible is that? Once you hover your mouse button over the tiny images by each tag, the image will become larger, stating the woman, boy, a couple, or a trans person, who has the biggest number of followers in the given category.

Everything comes at a cost, doesn’t it? Not really. All these people are happy to show off their bodies, masturbate, dirty talk, try out new sex toys, and what else for you, for free. As soon as you register, you will be able to enter any chat room of your liking. Girls will chat with all the people currently watching, but they won’t pay attention to your message unless you tip them. Trust me, it’s incredible what people are willing to do for a couple of bucks. Once you get the hold of the tokens, you can use them to tip a girl or boy doing the show, roll the dice in interactive shows, or go to a private show. Of course, private shows are more exotic, with more nudity and explicit scenes.

Chaturbate Token Price Rates:

You can buy tokens by using your credit card at the following rates:

  • 100 tokens for 10,99 USD (0.11 USD per token)
  • 200 tokens for 20.99 USD (0.10 USD per token)
  • 500 tokens for 44.99 USD (0.09 USD per token)
  • 750 tokens for 62.99 USD (0.08 USD per token)
  • 1000 tokens for 79.99 USD (0.08 USD per token)

There is an option to earn free tokens, but this requires you to log in. Once you scroll down the page, you will find a private shows pricing list in the right bottom corner. The prices range from 6 tokens per minute, 12, 18, 30, 60, and 90 tokens per minute. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out the more tokens you are ready to pay, the more pussy you will see. If you too cheap to pay, become a spy of a private show performed live. You won’t be able to chat with the show star, but it is still cheaper than paying for your show. I approve of that, the girls need to find a way to make some money in this crazy world. The customers who tip regularly have the option to save a private broadcast, collect pictures or videos of the favorite girl or a boy. There is an option to customize the font or color of the chat if you become an upgraded member.

When it comes to additional features, there is a button saying SWAG that will lead you to the page This is an online webshop selling Chaturbate inspired T-shirts for men and women, bathing suits, tank tops, hoodies, but also some sex toys, such as colorful dildoes and lubes. I am the kind of guy who takes care of himself, with a good sense of fashion. Scroll all the way down this well-designed website and read the terms and conditions, which could be interesting if you are planning to make a career in solo shows. Other additional info is regarding the privacy policy, law enforcement, billing, applications mainly used by the performers, affiliates, and open job positions. Chaturbate has customer service, so in case you have any issues or suggestions regarding the website, let them know. A couple of languages are available, as well as the shortcuts to the most popular social networks. The pop-up ads don’t steal the show, which is another big plus for this successful website.

I have been everywhere and seen everything, but this variety of hot content blew me away. It’s no wonder millions of people visit the website daily, ready to spend a token or two to see the girl of their dreams get down on her knees. I approve of this website, so you are free to take a look at it and enjoy it as much as I did.

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