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    We doubt that people are still wondering what is Chaturbate. You’ve surely heard of it. You’ve even watched moments of free live shows because they pop up through ads on most free sex tubes. If you want to join this naughty platform as a member or even as a model, you have this in-depth adult Chaturbate review that will help you better understand how the site works and how to use it for the best adult entertainment experiences. 

    What Is Chaturbate?

    chaturbate main page

    chaturbate – free adult webcams, live sex, free sex chat, exhibitionist & pornstar free cams

    The Chaturbate streaming platform launched in 2011 and quickly became popular because it offers free access to the public chatrooms of models. Not only that but nudity and dirty play are permitted and encouraged in the free shows. At the same time, the cost of private shows on the site is quite low compared to other platforms. Now, is Chaturbate real about giving you the best cam entertainment experience on the web? We’ll find out in the following paragraphs.

    Chaturbate Traffic Stats

    chaturbate traffic stats

    Chaturbate ranks high in the list of most visited websites, both in the United States and globally. At the moment of writing this Chaturbate review, it is in the 54th position of most visited websites in the world and in 34th place in the United States. It’s also the 5th most visited adult entertainment platform in the US, topped only by sex tubes. And it’s on top of OnlyFans. However, it is the second most visited camming platform worldwide after StripChat. The platform gets roughly 435 million visits every month and has a 40% bounce rate. 

    Answering the question “What does Chaturbate mean?” will also help people understand why the site is so popular. Chaturbate is a play on the words “chat” and “masturbation”. That’s exactly what the horny men on the internet need for a fun time. And with a name as suggestive as that, the site was destined to succeed. 

    Chaturbate earned such huge popularity mainly because it offers so much pleasure for free. You don’t even have to register as a member to enjoy a good live sex show on this platform. That’s because of the tipping system they successfully implemented, through which models are getting small amounts of tokens from some members while allowing anyone who is in their chatroom to enjoy the show. Most models have tipping goals and perform increasingly dirtier kinks as horny fans in their chatroom help reach them. 

    However, the fact that it offers free and unlimited viewing access to any unregistered visitor on the site has surely contributed to the growth in popularity of the platform. In fact, it might be because of Chaturbate that other platforms were forced to allow nudity in their public sex chat rooms. Back in 2011, when no one knew what is Chaturbate, models weren’t even allowed to flash their tits in public shows. But on Chaturbate, they get naked and play with themselves until they squirt. And you’re allowed to watch that without an account. 

    Platform Owner

    chaturbate owner
    chaturbate owner

    Chaturbate is owned by Multi Media LLC, an American company headquartered in Irvine, California. While the owners of most other camming platforms and major porn networks are part of the adult world, and they love public exposure, whoever is behind Chaturbate loves to keep themselves private. No one knows who owns Chaturbate. However, some rumors are saying that Chaturbate is actually controlled by the same big-shots who were active in Pablo Escobar’s cartel. So, is Chaturbate legit the legacy of Pablo Escobar? Probably now. This information is not verified, it’s an interesting enough rumor worth mentioning in this adult Chaturbate review. But whoever owns Chaturbate is doing a great job.

    How Does Chaturbate Work?

    How Chaturbate works is simple and straightforward. This webcam chat platform is where live models stream sex shows, and members reward their performances with an internal currency called “tokens.” There are multiple types of shows and many ways through which the models and the members can interact. Besides live shows, the platform also hosts content uploads from the models, consisting of photos, videos, and live recordings of their shows. 

    Key Features Of The Platform

    Sex chatting on Chaturbate is straightforward. It won’t take long until you figure out the layout of the site and the chat rooms. Reading our Chaturbate review carefully will also help you understand how to navigate the site better and use its features properly. The camsite offers a browsing page to search for models based on sex, gender, and sexual orientation. The live feed, chat room, and profile of the models are on the same page. And when you scroll through a model’s profile, her live stream will pop out in a small window so that you won’t miss anything. The babes’ profiles are where you will find all that extra content, such as galleries, sex clips, or recorded live sessions. You will also get all their bio info in their profiles, and what’s interesting about this site is that it lets models promote their links to other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and even OnlyFans. 

    Design & Navigation

    Is Chaturbate good from a technical point of view? Undoubtedly! You might feel like it’s a bit old school when first landing on the homepage. But you will soon realize that it’s an excellent interface for both browsing and live streaming. The site is not trying to be flashy. Everything is intuitive. The home page is dedicated to browsing the live models, and it’s sex on straight cams by default. But you can toggle through women, men, couples, and trans models with ease. You’ll also notice a menu of tags above the listing of the models, which serves as different categories of models. If you want to access the complete tags page of the site, you will find a “more tags” button on the right side of the browsing page. You can also set geographic filters for your searches. The search bar of the site can be used to look for certain kink keywords or model usernames. 

    The results of your searches will be displayed in the form of thumbnails screenshotted from the live streams of the models, which are refreshed every 60 seconds. Under the thumbnail, you will find some basic info, such as username, age, descriptions, number of viewers, and the time since a model’s session started. 

    Once you find a model you fancy and click on their profile, you will be transferred to her streaming/profile page, where you’ll find a model’s chat room and profile content. The chat rooms on this camsite are just as old-school looking as the rest of the site. But again, the functionality is outstanding. Everything is neatly organized and easy to find. As an unregistered visitor, you will notice that most chat features won’t be accessible. A registration form will pop on the screen when you try to write into the chat. But after registration, everything on the site will be at your disposal. You’ll even be able to rate models and follow them to get notifications when they go live or when they upload content to their profiles. 

    Video & Audio Quality

    The video and audio quality on Chaturbate is clean and crisp. The site can support 1080p+ HD streaming. The sound comes at 192 Kbps. The site supports streams up to 60 frames per second. However, the quality depends on the equipment the models use and the internet bandwidth they are streaming. When researching for this Chaturbate review, we tested the quality of the shows on both Wi-Fi and mobile data connections. 

    Most models on this site stream from professional studios, where a technical team ensures they can offer the best connection. And even the amateur babes streaming from home use dedicated cameras, not the webcam of their old laptops. You’ll be amazed by the clearness of some streams, especially in the case of the models from Eastern Europe. The video and audio will also be affected by your internet connection. If you’re having issues with a stream, you should try switching to a lower resolution. 

    Unique Features & Functionalities

    Chaturbate is a camsite where you can also interact with other site members outside the chatrooms of the models. You can befriend, follow, and even DM other members on the site to enjoy live sex shows with the models. On top of that, members can also upload content in their profiles and write their own bio descriptions. You could even start streaming on the site with the same profile through which you enjoy the live streams of the girls. 

    A funky feature on this platform is that you can use GIFs and images in the chat room. You can send dick picks directly in the public or private show of a model or even use memes in your chat sessions. To use these features, simply hit the emoji button in the chat room and then click “Upload.”

    Available Languages

    People from all over the world know what is Chaturbate live camming these days. And because of that, the site interface is available in multiple languages. The official languages in which you can browse this platform are:

    • Deutsch
    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Russian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese 

    The site can also be browsed in any language other than the official ones if you simply translate the interface directly in your browser. However, some things might be off when you go for the automatic browser translation. 

    Chaturbate Content Overview

    Chaturbate is ready to please any fantasy you might have, no matter what type of partner you need for it. You’ll find everything from solo masturbation with both girls and boys to group sex cams and transexual models. All body types and most kinks are welcome on this camsite. 


    Chaturbate divides the models into five categories for easier browsing. The Featured category is coming with recommendations of chat rooms that might interest you based on your previous searches and accessed cams. The Women category is coming with all the solo babes of the site and all the lesbian couples. On the other hand, the Couples category is coming with all the couples streaming on Chaturbate, no matter if they’re straight, gay, lesbian or even trans. If you only want to browse through solo guys and gay couples, you have the Men category. And finally, if you want to indulge in your shemale fantasies, you can access the Trans category. You will find all solo trans performers there and every transexual couple combination you can imagine. The site has trans on trans cams, male and trans couples, and even trans and cis-female couples. 


    The tagging system of Chaturbate is pretty spicy. It comes with keyword tags for many kinks and fetishes but also body types and body features, hair colors, and some ethnicities. You can try your luck searching for your favorite kink or preference in the search bar of the site, or you can access the list of all tags and browse it in alphabetical order, by number of viewers, or by active chat rooms. The top tags with the most live rooms on the site are: 

    Although most of the tags on the site refer to straight kinks, you will also find keywords specific to gay and trans cams. 

    Cams By Age

    chaturbate cams by age

    You can easily find babes from the age range that interests you by going to the bottom of the main page and looking under the “Free Cams By Age” column. You will find categories for Teen Cams (18+), 18 to 21 Cams, 20 to 30 Cams, 30 to 50 Cams, and Mature Cams (50+). The age group with most models on this site is the 20 to 30 Cams. But you will find plenty of live cams in all other categories. The age group with the fewest live cams is the Mature one, and it still comes with over 350 live shows at any given time. 

    Cams By Region

    chaturbate cams by region

    Right next to the age column, you will find the categories for browsing by region. You can browse through the babes of North America or South America alone. The European and Russian cams are grouped together in a regional category. You’ll also get a category for all the Asian cams, which includes babes from Southeast Asia, Kazakhstan, Japan, China, and other countries coming with Asian-looking babes. Although the Middle East and India are in Asia, the Indian and Arab cam girls can be found in the “Other” category, along with all the cam models streaming from Africa and even the models streaming from Australia and Oceania. 

    What’s great about the region browsing feature of this site is the fact that it will give you results from certain regions of the world, even though the babes don’t have their country of origin displayed on their profile. You’ll notice on the profiles of some models that their locations are set to funky places such as Narnia, Chaturbate, Your Bedroom, or Wakanda. However, the region browsing system will place them in the right geographic categories. 

    Cams By Status

    chaturbate cams by status

    Chaturbate uses three statuses for the live cams on the site: 

    • New Cams
    • Private Cams
    • Gaming Cams

    The New Cams category offers you the possibility of browsing through the newest cam stars who joined the platform. The reasons why you might want to go through the new cams are plentiful. On the one hand, it’s here where you will find most of the barely legal teen 18+ models. These chicks couldn’t wait to turn 18 to start streaming live sex shows and make some easy money while enjoying interactions with horny virtual daddies. The excitement of new models of all ages is another reason to check out the new cams on the site. Although these models don’t have much experience with live xxx shows, they are excited and playful, trying to impress the members and gather a fanbase. Gathering a fanbase is important, and that’s why many of the new chicks are performing for discounted rates, which is another strong reason to check out the New Cams. 

    In the Private Cams category, you will find all the models engaged in a private one-on-one show with another member. These rooms offer a fine and cheap way of enjoying the dirtiness of a private show without paying full price. You do that by spying on the private show for a fraction of the cost.

    Gaming Cams is a new type of live adult entertainment promoted by Chaturbate. And it’s exactly what you think it is. You will watch streamers play games. But the streamers are camgirls, and they only play Adult Games. Some of the most played games played in erotic streams by the models in this category are 3DXChat, Breeders of the Nephelym, and Koikatsu Party.

    Types Of Shows On Chaturbate

    Chaturbate offers all types of shows popular in the adult camming world. But there are some particularities about each of them that are worth discussing. Carefully read the following descriptions of show types to use the platform to your advantage, either for saving money or for maximizing your pleasure. 


    The most standard type of show on this platform is the public one. Thousands of babes will be streaming free Chaturbate cam shows in their public chat rooms. As mentioned before, enjoying the public shows on this platform is free. And it’s not just chicks teasing their audience, hoping someone will join them in a private session. The models are allowed to strip and play with toys. Couples are allowed to fuck in their public shows on this platform. But does Chaturbate work for free? Not at all. You have free access but the models are still making money. Models will usually get naughty when members are tipping tokens. And they even set certain tip goals at which they perform various kinks. However, you’re not conditioned by your tipping activity. You can spend zero tokens in a public show and still enjoy all the naughtiness other members unleashed with their tips. 


    Private shows are one-on-one masturbation sessions with solo models or couples on the site. If you like someone and want them just for yourself, a private show is the way to go. A true interactive virtual sex experience can only be achieved by joining a camgirl or a couple in private. You will have their undivided attention, and they will listen to all your suggestions or naughty requests. Access to private shows is only reserved for members, and you must pay a rate of tokens per minute. No doubt it is worth paying full price for these experiences, as the connection and intimacy with a model in a private session will make you feel like you’re having real-life sex. 


    Group shows are a mix of private and public shows. In most cases, the models or couples promise a spectacular kink performance, which will last one hour or longer. Tips won’t condition the kinks they perform in front of the webcam on Chaturbate. But you also won’t have the undivided attention of the models in group shows. However, they sometimes take kink suggestions from the fans in the group chat. Like in the case of private shows, members pay a rate per minute in group sessions, but it’s a much lower rate. 

    Fan Club

    The fan club show is a great feature of Chaturbate which helps performers better connect with their loyal fans. In some cases, you will fall in love with a model. And you will want to show your appreciation somehow. You can join her Fan Club via a subscription, just like on OnlyFans. And you will get a collection of private content only available to members. This private content features nudes, naughty daily updates, solo videos, or homemade xxx movies. 

    Besides uploading private content, the models host live Fan Club shows for their loyal supporters. You won’t have to pay extra to enjoy these shows when you are part of the fan club. And the dynamic of these naughty sessions is similar to the one in group shows. 


    The spy shows will give you a private one-on-one experience with a camgirl for a fraction of the price. But you won’t be the one chatting with the model. With the spy show, you can peek into the private erotic shows of others. But you won’t be able to chat with the model. You will be watching what she does for another member. If you have a voyeurism fetish, this type of show will please you immensely. 

    Ticket Or Password

    The ticket or password shows are just like the group shows when it comes to the dynamics of the naughty sessions. Sometimes, models will host ticker and password xxx shows when they put on special kinks or when they have guests in their chat room. The main difference between the ticket shows and the group shows is that you won’t be charged per minute but will pay a flat rate for access.


    The Cam2Cam show is an extra feature of the private show. When you’re in a one-on-one session with a model or a couple, you will be able to turn on your camera. Your live cam masturbation partner will be able to see you just as you see them. These kinds of shows are perfect if you have an exposure fetish or if you want to enjoy a BDSM show from a submissive position. Your mistress or master can give you orders and make sure you follow them by checking your live feed. 

    Chaturbate’s Tokens & Premium Memberships

    Although you can have a lot of fun for free in Chaturbate webcam shows, you will have a way better time if you spend some cash on the site. There are multiple ways of spending money with the models of this platform. You can either buy tokens that can be used to enjoy all sorts of shows, join fan clubs or buy private content. You can also support the platform by buying a premium membership. 

    What Are Chaturbate Tokens & How Much Are They Worth?

    Сhaturbate pricing / tokens are the internal currency used by the site. It’s what you’ll be charged in premium live xxx shows and what you’ll use to pay for access to the private content of the models. Tokens are bought in packages. The more you buy, the less you pay. 

    For Example, The minimum pack you can buy from Chaturbate is 50 tokens, costing $5.99. If you buy a pack of 200 tokens, you will get a 5% discount. The discounts are more significant for buying bigger packs. The biggest pack you can purchase on Chaturbate is 4050 tokens, and it costs $319.98, which means a discount of 39% (biggest chaturbate tips). 

    Chaturbate Token Price Table

    Chaturbate TokensPriceChaturbate Token Value
    (Price per 1 chaturbate token)
    Chaturbate Discount / Bonus

    Ways To Buy Tokens

    Anyone needs an account before they can buy and spend tokens on Chaturbate cam shows. Creating an account is fast and easy. However, you will need to verify your email address before a token purchase. Once you’re a verified member, you can hit the “Get more tokens” button in the upper right corner of the home page, right in the console, where your account information can be found. There’s also a shortcut button in the live rooms of all the models, right under her streaming feed window. Every chatroom displays the number of tokens you have and a button to help you quickly get more tokens for when you want to tip or join a private show without wasting time. The purchasing page for the tokens will open in a new window so that your live show experience won’t be interrupted. 

    Once you decide how many tokens you want to buy, you must choose a payment method. There are so many ways to pay for your tokens on this site, all of which are safe. Some payment methods come with certain benefits. 

    Credit Or Debit Card

    The fastest and easiest way of buying tokens on Chaturbate is via Credit Card or Debit Card. If you have your card info already saved in your browser, you will get your account charged up in less than a minute. Currently, the site accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards. The payments are safe, and the billing is discrete. You can use your credit or debit card to buy any tokens packages with no limits.

    Wire Transfer

    Buying tokens on Chaturbate via Wire Transfer is possible, but you will need to get a minimum order of $159.99. On top of that, discounts won’t apply to wire transfer purchases. All tokens will come at a special price of $0.08 per token, which means that $159.99 will get you 1,999 tokens. Putting in bigger orders via wire transfer is possible, but anything you buy comes at $0.08 per token. 

    Chaturbate Crypto

    Chaturbate also supports cryptocurrency payment. Besides Bitcoin, the crypto payment platform also supports eight other currencies, such as Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The crypto payment system is done through Smartpay, a service powered by CoinSmart, which is fast and safe. The smallest token pack purchase via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is 250, which means $20. Unfortunately, there’s no longer an extra discount for crypto payments. 

    Money Order Or Certified Check

    If you’re old school and want to pay for your token orders via money order or certified check, Chaturbate accommodates your needs. You can send your money orders to the following address: Multi Media LLC, 123 SE 3rd Ave #497, Miami, FL 33131. To have your tokens activated in your account, make sure to send your account information (email and username) in the same closed envelope with the money order or check. NEVER include your password with your account info. The minimum amount for a money order or certified check tokens purchase is $160.

    Other Payment Methods

    There are multiple other payment methods available on Chaturbate. You can pay via PayPal, which is also fast and discrete. The PayPal payment method will let you buy the minimum amount of tokens possible. You will also be able to pay via a Paysafe money order, a case in which you will get instructions for completing the payment via email. And there’s even a way of getting some tokens without paying at all. One of the payment options in the token-purchasing form is “Bring a friend and earn tokens!”. This is a special referral program through which you will get ten tokens for every registered member who joins the site via your link. And you can get 500 tokens if you convince someone to join the site and start streaming. However, the 500 tokens will only be activated once the streamer you brought on the site makes their first $20. 

    Using Tokens On The Site

    There are many ways of spending your tokens on the Chaturbate platform. The classic way is using them to pay for private shows. If you don’t want to spend too many tokens at once, you have all the other show options, the cheapest being the spy cam show. You can also use tokens to pay for ticket shows. And it’s also through tokens that you will join the Fan Clubs of the models. But the Fan Club access can also be directly paid via credit card. If you don’t want to join a model’s Fan Club, but you want to buy some of her content, you can buy individual videos or galleries with your tokens. An important practice on Chaturbate is the tipping system. You should spare a couple of tokens in the free live shows of the models you enjoy. It’s the special feature that live streams free and dirty for so many porn fans. 

    Supporter Membership

    The supporter membership is a premium plan that you can buy if you like this platform and want to see it grow. You will get multiple benefits as a premium account member. It will unlock certain navigation and community features, such as messaging other members and no-ads browsing. The supporter membership on Chaturbate costs $19.95 per month, and all memberships are recurring. That means your premium status will be renewed every month until canceled.

    Additional Features Available To Premium Members

    Once you upgrade your account, you will get a one-time bonus of 200 tokens for free. That means an instant bonus of $20.99, more than the value of the membership plan. You will only get this bonus the first time you become a premium member. You can’t cancel your memberships and rejoin the site as a supporter just to claim the free tokens again. Your bonus can instantly be spent on the models of the site.

    Comparing Free And Paid Services On Chaturbate

    Free Service 

    • Unlimited access to the public sex shows of models
    • Full-screen mode 
    • FullHD and 4K streaming quality
    • Possibility of sending messages in chat

    Premium Service

    • Ad-free browsing
    • Private messaging to both models and other members
    • Possibility to join Fan Clubs
    • Access to private content 
    • Access to private shows and other types of streams
    • Customizable chat functions 
    • Bonus tokens

    Account Settings & Security

    Chaturbate takes security very seriously. And it asks that the members of the platform do the same. They implemented several safety features on the site to prevent hackers from entering your account. At the same time, you’ll find a complete internet safety guide on the site that will help secure your connection. 

    Protecting Your Account

    Is Chaturbate a safe website? One of the clearest signs that Chaturbate cares about keeping members safe while enjoying their adult platform is the two-step verification system that they’ve implemented. We recommend that you activate 2-Step Verification when creating your account. It will take ten extra seconds to log in, but it’s time well spent because the chances of getting hacked drop to zero. The first step in this system is setting up a strong password. The second step is getting a one-time code from Chaturbate through one of the seven methods of your choice. 

    Chaturbate’s Security Center

    Chaturbate launched a security center that will help you secure your account. It’s an easy and quick way to ensure your account is 100% safe. Members can see in the security center how strong their account is and how to improve their safety. From this center, members can easily verify their email, change their password for a stronger one and activate the 2-Step Verification feature. 


    Chaturbate offers 24/7 online support to both members and streaming models for any issue that may arise. The platform implemented a help center where members and broadcasters can find guides and tutorials to set up their accounts. But the site also hosts an in-house customer support team that can assist the platform users live at any given time. 

    Help Center

    The Help Center serves as the user manual of the platform for both members and broadcasters. It explains anything you need to know, whether you want to make or spend money on the platform. The broadcaster guide is the crash course any camgirl needs to read before starting live performances on the site. On the other hand, members should all read the Tokens and Memberships section of the Help Center, where every type of show and way of spending tokens on the site is detailed in well-written articles. Members can also learn more about the platform by consulting the FAQ section of the Help Center. Even affiliates have a section where you can learn how to start your Chaturbate business. There’s no issue you might have with this platform that can’t be solved by consulting the Help Center. 

    Billing Support

    The live billing support team of Chaturbate is available for phone calls during business hours, Monday through Friday. They also offer an online customer self-service page through which you can solve common issues by checking out the frequently asked questions. There’s also an email address where you can send in your issues, and a team member will get back to you in the shortest time possible. If you didn’t use one of the direct payment methods, your billing will likely be handled by Epoch, the third-party billing system that handles most of the financials in the adult world. In this case, you will be redirected to the customer support team of the Epoch platform. 

    Viewing Experience On Different Devices

    Chaturbate offers a great online streaming and chatting platform directly in your browser. No matter what browser you use, you will be able to enjoy online sex shows and naughty interactions with models and the rest of the community without having to download or install anything. There’s no need for a browser extension, and everything on the platform runs on HTML5. That means you will be able to enjoy the online sex chat experience of the site on mobile, no matter if you use Android, iPhone, or even Windows mobile. 

    But if you want a better mobile experience, there’s also a Chaturbate app you can download. This app was specially designed for touchscreen navigation, and everything was reimagined for small-screen browsing and mobile live streaming.

    All shows on the site are set to auto-resolution. The streaming tool will read the quality of your internet connection and automatically set the video quality to a resolution in which you can enjoy a lag-free viewing experience. You can force the website to give you HD or Full HD stream quality when you don’t have a strong internet connection, but you might expect some interruptions if you don’t have a good connection. We recommend enjoying live sex shows on mobile through their app, as the streaming experience will be slightly improved when you’re on data service. 

    Tips For Viewers To Find The Most Suitable Content

    If you want to have the best experience with the models of Chaturbate, here are the top three tips on how to join Chaturbate models in live shows that are going to make you feel like you’re having sex in real life: 

    • Go for a private show. Even though a private show is more expensive, having the undivided attention of a camgirl or couple will make the difference between watching a live sex show and having a live cam sex experience.
    • Hang out in the public chat room of live models to check their vibe. If you want to have a great show, make sure that the models are horny and ready for fun. Some of the babes are bored or tired sometimes. Go for the one that’s right about to cum, join her for a private session and you will have the wildest experience. 
    • Pick models for your kink. If you’re submissive, always go for mistresses. If you want to be a master, go for a model who explicitly mentions that she’s a slave girl in her profile. Don’t join a regular camgirl for extra dirty kinks and expect her to already know how to take care of your needs. 

    Another great way of ensuring that you will get excellent erotic show experiences on this platform is to find yourself some favorite models. Make sure they know who you are and that you form strong bonds with them by joining their Fan Club or even subscribing to their OnlyFans accounts. They will learn what you like and you won’t have to waste time getting to know each other after a couple of live sex experiences. Some of them can offer you amazing girlfriend experience shows. 

    Pros And Cons Of This Live Streaming Platform

    What Makes Chaturbate Awesome

    • Unlimited access to free cam shows
    • Free shows feature nudity and hardcore play
    • Independent porn videos from the models
    • Almost all cam shows are in HD and some come in 4K
    • Account setup is quick, easy and safe
    • Live customer support for both members and models

    What Could Be Improved On Chaturbate

    • The platform could use an advanced search engine
    • Although functional, the interface looks old-school
    • Cam2Cam shows don’t offer two-way audio
    • Some payment methods have a minimum purchase limit

    Chaturbate Vs. Other Camming Platforms

    After taking a closer look at everything that makes Chaturbate one of the big camming platforms on the internet, it is time to compare it with the competition. We picked the biggest cam sites of the moment and compared them all individually with Chaturbate. 

    Chaturbate Vs. Stripchat

    Chaturbate and Stripchat are pretty similar. While Chaturbate offers slightly more models, Stripchat comes with a better-designed interface and it even launched a new feature for VR sex cams.

    ProsAround 10,000 live models Around 8,000 live models

    Large variety of models mainly from Europe and South AmericaWorldwide models + some American streamers

    Interactive sex toysInteractive sex toys + VR Cams

    On-Site Fan Clubs + links to OnlyFansOn-site Fan Clubs

    FullHD and 4K showsBrowsing features + advanced search

    Token bonuses and referral programsToken bonuses + loyalty programs
    ConsNo advanced search Not many 4K shows

    Site looks oldTokens cost more than on Chaturbate

    Chaturbate Vs. LiveJasmin

    LiveJasmin is the main competitor of Chaturbate, and from many points of view, it’s also the exact opposite of this platform. While LiveJasmin always fought for no nudity in free sex shows, Chaturbate came and changed the game with full-on sex shows for free. That’s what forced LiveJasmin to allow some nudity in free chat. But the public shows are still based on teasing and trying to lure you in private. 

    FeaturesChaturbateLive Jasmin
    ProsMinimum 10,000 live cams Thousands (the exact number is not disclosed)

    Many amateur models who are streaming from homeMostly professional models streaming from studios

    Some models have interactive sex toysMost models have interactive sex toys 

    Model Fan Clubs + links to OnlyFansModel Fan Clubs + free content

    Lots of free chat nudity and sex actionLittle to no nudity in free shows

    Cheap tokens Lots of loyalty programs and discounts
    ConsSite could use more browsing toolsNo advanced search options

    Site looks oldSame old color scheme

    Chaturbate Vs. MyFreeCams

    If you think that Chaturbate is an old-looking camming platform, wait until you see MyFreeCams. While Chaturbate looks like it wasn’t redesigned since the mid-2010s, MyFreeCams looks straight from the mid-2000s. Although it has 10% of the models of Chaturbate, MyFreeCams models all look like porn stars. 

    ProsOver 10k live modelsUnder 1k live models

    Mostly amateur models streaming from homeMostly premium models looking like porn stars

    Some models have interactive sex toysAlmost all models have interactive sex toys

    Model Fan Clubs + private contentSome private content and model wishlists

    Lots of nude and hardcore sex shows for freeHardcore kinks allowed in free shows but not that popular 

    Cheap tokens Affordable private shows
    ConsSite could use a redesignSite is very old, but it has awesome advanced search 

    Site looks oldSame old color scheme

    Chaturbate Vs. BongaCams

    Chaturbate and BongaCams have similar models, with many hotties streaming from home. These two platforms are also similar regarding stream resolution and kinks in the free sex shows. 

    FeaturesChaturbateLive Jasmin
    ProsOver 10k Live Girls any given timeAbout 2,500 live models

    Amateur models who are streaming from homeMostly European models streaming from studios

    Some models have interactive sex toys90% of models have interactive sex toys 

    Model Fan Clubs + links to OnlyFansModel Fan Clubs + free content

    Lots of free chat room nudity and sex actionLittle to no nudity in free shows

    Discounts on tokensToken bonuses, and discounts
    ConsSite design is pretty basicAdvanced search options

    Small banner adsLarge banner ads and pop-ups

    Chaturbate is one of the cleanest adult platforms on the web. What will make you know that Chaturbate is legit when it comes to business is their American headquarters. The platform is not registered in some tax haven, and it’s always transparent about its revenue-sharing policies. 

    Is Chaturbate a good platform for models? If you want to enjoy adult camming on a site that cares about the models and respects them, Chaturbate is a good candidate. The site takes 40-50% commissions from what a model makes. But it also offers a lot of support to the models both regarding technical setup and how to improve their performances. 

    All models on Chaturbate are 18 years old. The platform runs a thorough age verification for anyone who wants to start streaming on the platform. The fact that it encourages models to stream from home eliminates some of the risks associated with camming studios. And the platform only works with verified camming studios that run a legal business in countries where adult streaming is permitted. The platform also gives back to the industry by being a main sponsor for many adult events, award ceremonies, and cam industry awards. It also promotes body positivity and LGBT rights by welcoming absolutely anyone who wants to be a streamer in its big family and giving anyone over 18 years old a platform where they can express their sexuality freely.

    Final Thoughts

    After writing this adult Chaturbate review, we can safely state that it is an ideal platform for anyone who wants to enjoy live camming without breaking the bank. Visitors can have a blast without registering and without spending a single penny. The tipping system and the platform’s popularity make it easy for models to earn money and put on great shows even though individual members don’t tip that much. This makes Chaturbate an excellent platform for anyone new to live sex cams. Although there are some shortcomings on the technical part, such as the lack of sound for members in Cam2Cam shows or the dated site design, Chaturbate makes it up for them in so many other ways. You’ll surely find the ideal partner for your fantasies and fetishes on this platform. We are confident that you fully understand what is Chaturbate and how to use it properly. Start browsing for the girl, boy, or couple who will make you cum tonight!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Chaturbate Free?

    Chaturbate is free to join, and you get free and unrestricted access in the public chatrooms of the live models. 

    Who Created Chaturbate?

    Chaturbate was created and is owned by the American company Multi Media LLC with headquarters in Irvine, California. 

    How To Use Chaturbate?

    Browse through the live models of the site, pick one based on her thumbnail, username, and description, and enjoy her live stream directly in your browser. 

    How Much Do Chaturbate Tokens Cost?

    The minimum purchase possible on the site is 100 tokens for $10.99, but discounts are applied when buying in bulk. 

    You never have to worry that Chaturbate isn’t safe. It offers 2-Step Verification for both models and members. Only persons 18 or older can join this site. 

    How To Find Someone On Chaturbate?

    You can use the search bar to look for specific models whose username you know, or you can browse the live models through the many browsing features of the site.

    How To Record Chaturbate?

    Yes, you are allowed to record your private shows on Chaturbate as long as the model gives her consent. Your private cam show recordings will be stored on the site. 

    Is Chaturbate A Scam?

    Chaturbate is not a scam! It’s one of the most trusted and safest camming platforms on the web, for both members and models. 

    How To Follow Someone On Chaturbate?

    To follow someone on Chaturbate you can simply go to their profile and hit the follow button. 


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