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Warm welcome my bros and brodettes, from your boy Mr.Wanton, the only guy on the web that delivers porn site truths you need to hear. Reviewing porn sites is my game and I do it with flaming passion and scientific analysis. If they ain’t got Wanton’s stamp of approval, they ain’t worth your time. Start reading now!

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Some Words About The Best Porn Sites List

What’s up, my dudes? ✌😉

My name is Mr. Wanton and I’m slightly over 40. At heart, however, I’m still very young and, a very big fan of hot chicks, big juicy asses, firm boobies, and hard fucking. In general, as you can already tell, I am a big fan of quality porn. I watched pornography all throughout high school, watched pornography all throughout college (they kicked me out), watched porn when I served in the Marine Corps (they kicked me out as well), watched it when I was married (she kicked me out for MOSTLY unrelated reasons), and I continue watch it to this day (#noregrets). Magazines, VHS, DVD, and the world wide web, I got to witness this entire evolution of porn.

As Confucius once said (it seems that this phrase is attributed to him): “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” So I decided to listen to the great man and base my professional career around something I was always interested in. The idea came to me that I can share my rich experience with like-minded people. At first, I just haunted various forums, wrote reviews about sites, talked to folks, was told time and time again that I know my porn. Then I figured that I could share information with a much larger number of people, and several years later, I decided to create this project, in which I gathered a huge collection of porn sites, and also launched several pet projects. I am ready to take the risk of being your guide to the wonderful world of porn. I hope we’ll become friends!

What prompted me to do this, well, besides the fact that I am simply not good at anything else? 🤔🔞

Sense of camaraderie, I guess. There are many dudes out there who just wander all over the Internet in search of something interesting and hot, but instead of enjoying a pleasant experience, they receive shitty content, the same old videos and photos, and truckloads of pesky advertisements. There are millions of sites now since any idiot can launch a site in a couple of days, upload gigabytes worth of the derivative videos from similar tubes, usually in terrible quality. And this is not counting the many scammers who seek to infect your computer with a virus, or steal your hard-earned cash in some way.

I made my life’s mission to create the best and most complete directory of porn sites for every taste and wallet size, just in order to save you time and brain cells when you search for suitable content. Yes, my catalog contains both free resources and sites with premium content. So if you, like me, are a fan of gorgeous porn stars, unique plots with zealous fucking, feel free to add my index to your bookmarks! I am sure you will not regret it.

As for myself, personally, I can guarantee that I will definitely not bother you with annoying advertisements, be it any kind of pop-ups or generic spam. All sites that are presented here are safe, contain the best content in their niche, and have beened and reviewed by me personally. I try to revisit the reviews and keep the information up to date. Whilst reviewing the site, I rely not only on my personal opinion, but also the opinions of other users, with whom I actively continue to communicate via various forums and social media resources. When talking about the sites, I try not to keep it informal and avoid cliches, I also try to keep a balance of factual information and personal opinions and inject a little humor into the texts as well.

To save you time that you’d spend looking for a suitable site, I try to describe them in great detail. Without fail, I disclose the main theme of the site, its main gimmick, share my opinion, highlight the pros and cons, and also try to find and bring up similarly themed sites. Main competitors, so to speak. I think this is important because each of you, my dudes, has their own taste and different sites can approach the same niche in different ways.

There are reviews covering such free porn icons as PornHub, XVideos, and xHamster, a gem of the porn industry, the premium Brazzers network, and adult sites that have huge potential but yet to claim their spot at the top. Believe me, friends, I had to work many a long night to filter, examine, and review all the sites for you. I would be lying, however, if I said that this task wasn’t really pleasant for me!

At the time of the publication of the review, all sites are safe, but over time, a lot can change: the site can change owners or the policy of the previous owners can change. So, do not forget about safety when visiting them in order to avoid trouble. So here are some tips for you guys for a safe visit, so that nothing will ruin your experience. These rules are, for the most part, stem from personal experience, because, believe me, A LOT has happened to me. Moreover, these rules are universal and will help protect you on other, non-pornographic sites. Just make sure you follow them before you start watching free porn videos online!

So, here they are:

  1. Remember to keep your browser and operating system up to date.
  2. Be sure to install yourself an antivirus and do not forget to activate it when you visit any resource.
  3. Don’t forget about Adblock. Pop-ups can ruin the experience of watching your favorite videos. On the other hand, you do have to feel for the site owners: advertising is often the only way for them to compensate the costs of the site and make at least some dough.
  4. Never ever! I repeat – NEVER EVER! Under no circumstances! Do not install questionable software from unknown sources. For example, on a site, you may be asked to install a special browser extension to download the video you like for free. It might be difficult, but use your upstairs brain when dealing with that kinda thing!
  5. Do not pay attention to messages telling you that your device was infected by viruses. Most likely you are being tricked into downloading a special “antivirus app” that can actually infect your device. (see #4)
  6. Ignore emails or make ‘em as spam. Especially the ones in which scammers demand you to pay. No one will film you jerking off to free porn. Blackmail is a crime and no one is going to share this non-existent video with your Facebook friends.
  7. Some sites may not open in some countries, due to the internal policy of the state on the web. Who knows where you might end up on your porn-watching journey? Don’t forget about VPN.
  8. To put it bluntly, my dudes, I’m pretty sure that you horny goofballs are not as stupid as you look and, even without my advice, you won’t get into any serious trouble. Nonetheless, I have to mention this: keep your cocks in check and don’t forget to use your brain. If something looks off, you better off not interacting with it at all. On my site, you’ll find trustworthy sites only, so why bother clicking on suspicious links anyways?
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