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    Ciao, saluters of foxy ladies!

    Now, you all very well know that Mr Wanton never fails to introduce you to the relevant porn worthy of your attention. This time I am taking you to the real Hollywood of porn – Vixen.com. As Madonna said, everybody comes there as they like the smell of it. Only this time, it’s got to be naughty. Situated in the city of LA, where all dreams come true, Vixen shines the brightest light in the porn universe. What you get here is high fashion, the Versace of adult entertainment. I mean, they have their own Angels, for fuck’s sake!

    Even the name can’t be more suitable than this. A vixen is a female fox and the models here sure are foxy as hell. No one is immune to hot ladies, radiating charisma and fierceness from those stunning bodies. I mean, if you are somehow immune, there must be something wrong with you. I have had a plenty share of the most beautiful women jumping on my cock, and let me tell you – I can never have enough of them! Ever! And Vixen.com brings you the finest babes that put out the fire with more gasoline.

    The first thing they treat you with when you land in this garden of sinful delights is a snippet of a pretty babe getting nailed in some exotic location. Ain’t that a nasty appetizer? It lures you deeper into this heaven and all you want is more. Fear not, as there is plenty! What these guys do outstandingly is making you feel like a part of the family. Hey, don’t think Mr Wanton has gone all romantic and all that shit! What I mean is you get porn that you deserve – elegant, artistic, even classy, but messy in the end.

    Of course, as we are speaking top-class, you see nothing less than ultra HD videos. They’ve got 4K videos all over the place. So make sure to have a stable connection, as you don’t want any interruptions as you enjoy watching Kendra getting her ass destroyed. Expect luxurious erotica screaming glamour and money. The models are like those fine Instagram sluts that tease you with their provocative selfies by the rooftop pools with their tits almost falling out of tiny bikinis. Only here you get to see them banging the horny bartender in the steamy scenes by the pool.

    What you also get here are the galleries with hot shoots of these pussycats, all professionally shot wearing expensive lingerie, with extravagant scenes done with professional editing and lighting. Their idea is to celebrate women with natural bodies, with little makeup but gracefully stylized to represent them in full glory. You don’t get cheap thrills here, but elegant porn of real beauties in their 20s and early 30s. So no filthy grannies and ugly people satisfying their raw animal urge, but sophisticated banging with beautiful boys and girls. I sure love to watch a hot chick getting it on!

    Naturally, it doesn’t come for free. Vixen.com is a premium porn site that you have to pay for. But they do offer exclusive content you will find nowhere else. Well, for million-dollar babes, it sure is worth all the money. You get an unlimited stream, but limited downloads of 25 videos a week. It might be a downer for some people, as Mr Wanton knows that 25 is not great, not terrible. Personally, I like my porn unlimited, but it is what it is. Comparing with other premium giants, it might not seem a lot, but they value quality over quantity.

    So what’s the deal with those Vixen Angels? Oh boy, aren’t these guys proud of themselves! Every month they choose a girl who deserves to be crowned, and I mean literally. They organize a special photoshoot and reward her with the famous Christian Louboutin pair of shoes, customized Vixen lingerie set, and, watch this space, a ‘custom Tiffany brilliant-cut diamond necklace!’ Ain’t that a real fiesta? They honor the girls for all their efforts and officially make them part of this expensive family. There is a separate section where you can find photos of these extravagant crowning sessions.

    Now, I know all ya crazy people sometimes want to see something specific. I know, we all have those pervy things that turn us on. Once you join this carousel of dirty rides, you will get to explore all those fine categories. Also, if you are interested in getting some of the naughty merchandise, you can visit the Apparel page, where you can get any of your desired porn souvenirs. Lemme tell you how one of Mr Wanton’s bitches got excited when I got her the black Vixen thongs. I had her jumping on me all night long.

    Let’s talk numbers. Vixen.com updates its site six times a month. It means that every five days, you get your dirty treat of exclusive porn. Now, there are hundreds of them, and it might not seem like a big number, but you really see the effort these maestros put in. You’ve got diverse scenarios with great stories, all spiced up with heavy cumshots in the end. And all in 4K, some even 6K. So if you are fishing for endless porn made for the masses, you might wanna go someplace else. Here you are treated like royalty.

    If you like the story so far, stay tuned for the spices. Vixen offers a six-site package with additions of Blacked, Tushy, Deeper, Blackedraw, and Tushyraw. It is available to full membership holders of at least one of these sites via VXNBILL. Other billing options include EPOCH, SEGPAY, CCBILL, and CENTROBILL. Talk about the digital age, ey? I also hear that they have great customer support, but I haven’t really had the chance to try it since I am a long-time porn pro, familiar with all these technicalities. But they seem to be happy to help you with any queries.

    And now the prices. If you are interested in joining this high-end porn tribe, you’ve got to know how much it’ll cost ya. Every Friday, they will reward you with 10 Gems that you can use to unlock any channel that will remain available for as long as you hold a subscription. Even if you run out of them, the guys will notify you when you would receive a new set. If you know how to google, you might be lucky enough to stumble upon discounts.


    2 Day Trial – $2.00

    1 month – $29.99

    3 months – $59.95

    6 months – $99.95

    Wanna know my verdict? I’d say it is not cheap, but it is less than some other porn sites would ask you. I sure as hell am keeping my subscription as I will never run dry here. You truly get the best, and you can stream and download from your smart devices as well. The interface is so user-friendly, you won’t have to rush home to go to your TV or computer. Of course, the bigger the screen, the far better the experience, but sometimes we don’t have time for that, and our Vixen friends sure come to the rescue.

    All in all, there are not many downsides to Vixen.com. It brings attention to the hotness of sexual experiences and the raw interactions between pretty people, but in a classy manner. When you join this luxurious world, it draws you in and you want to keep rollin’ forever. Mr Wanton knows there are many lame sites that will take your money, leaving you with great expectations that are never really met. But here, the story is original and never fails to amaze you. If you are a fellow pro wanker like me, you’d say the same.


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