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    Hiya, my fellow review readers!

    My never-ending quest for the best porn videos and the best porn websites out there has been successful once again. As if there was any doubt. This week, I was fortunate enough to find one more gem in a sea of crappy low-quality websites that have zero to offer. Memorize this name – X-sensual.com. Don’t let the name fool you! You will find some hardcore pussy and ass banging on this site. I gotta say and keep it 100, the first impression isn’t promising. Just a plain white background with a few scarce options, but it ended up being worth my precious time. The website’s tagline is ‘Sexuality at its best’. Now it’s Mr Wanton’s time to make sure if this tag line has the weight it promises it has. Andale!

    The first thing you will see upon entering the homepage is that all videos were shot in 4K Ultra HD. My eyes almost exploded from such depth! The content is exclusive and updates often enough. Since I am a man of exquisite taste and a porn connoisseur, that feature was especially pleasing to my keen eye. Yep, the sex must be good, but the video’s high quality is the top priority in this modern world. Truth be told, the ladies are mainly amateurs, but they sure fuck like pros. Damn I’d like one of them to hoover my exhaus pipe! Guessing from their appearance, most girls are under the age of 30, primarily European. Just the way I like them. All in all, they are all beautiful, sensual (hence the name of the website), and every single one of them is a little cockteasing biatch Mr Wanton definetly would.

    X-sensual.com loads super fast. When you want to unload after a hard days work, you don’t want your porn loading to skip a beat when you want to beat your meat. The homepage will welcome you with a simple white background. Judging from the info given above the videos, it looks like the content updates five times a week. The first page has 40 latest added videos, and every single one is shot in 4K. The video titles are short and not as informative as I would like them to be. For example, one of them was Kiara Night always wants more. Obviously, it is impossible to figure out what kind of sex it includes – whether it is ass fucking, squirting, or a sloppy blowjob.

    Disappointingly, the thumbnails don’t show any previews. The good thing is all the videos on the first page were longer than 20 minutes. Another bummer is that the content is exclusive, meaning it’s no place for cheap bastards. Oh well, the hungry never get fed I guess is what they say. Members have benefits such as frequent updates, multiple formats, 4K Ultra HD videos, and unrestricted access to all Dirty Flix websites. You can choose your membership plan ranging from a three-day trial membership to a year-long membership plan. Naturally, you get more significant discounts for the plans that cover a longer time frame.

    If you want to make sure the content is kinky enough for you, choose the trial membership and upgrade to full membership later. I approve of paying some extra money for the log-in since the videos range from amateur babes to perverted cuckold sessions. The downloading is unrestricted, meaning you can download as much as you want daily, as long as you are a member. You can even do multiple downloads at the same time. The format is MP4 and has versions for PC, iMac, Android, iPhone, etc. As a paying member, you can rate, share your view of the videos, or even suggest the scenario you think could be a great addition to the existing collection. Imagine that, being a porn director, wouldn’t that be something?

    Now, the actual content. I have to say that it’s not like I pay close attention to the type of beds people fuck in but still, it might be interesting to emphasize that most of the scenes were shot indoors, usually in luxurious rooms, thus adding to the website’s overall high-quality feel. The shooting sets are professional, and they hired some people to do the background setup. So, don’t expect any sex in dirty dorms with cockroaches in front of other horny kinks who wank their dicks, looking at a drunk girl getting her holes destroyed. Expect many threesomes, anal sex, cock sucking, pussy eating, sex toys going in wet holes, and many facial cumshots.

    If you are a fan of female bodies as much as I am and want to be able to see every single spot or birthmark on the babe you jerk off to, X-sensual.com has it covered. The lighting is fantastic, and the picture quality of movies is HD. You can spot it from the Milky Way, for sure! That is the reason why all the girls found on this website are beyond this world gorgeous. There is one thing in common for all of them – they love getting their asses stretched and filled with big cocks. Hardcore oiled butt hole pounding and close-ups of double penetration are easily found here. The majority of the babes look angelic and are all-natural, further enhancing their youth.

    Many similar websites that choose teens and amateurs to do the dirty work strive for an artistic style of erotic. This approach is usually favored by the studios that are located in Europe. It is not enough to put a strange wig or a couple of tattoos on a girl to make the video glamorous and artsy. Believe it or not, even deep-throating can be sensual, and it is all about the vibe. X-sensual has found the perfect balance between the hardcore fucking and artistic vibe, making this website stand out. I am not a dude who goes to art galleries, and when it comes to sex, I am straightforward with my does and don’ts – no bullshit attached – but even I enjoyed the videos. The focus is on exotic young girls having hardcore sex surrounded by an erotic sensual atmosphere.

    If you get bored with X-sensual.com, which I highly doubt, go to another website that is included in the Dirty Flix network. Maybe Brutal X or Disgrace That Bitch would finally make your dick stiff. Now, how much:

    -12 month membership – $119.95

    -3 month membership – $49.95

    -1 month membership – $29.95

    -Three day Trial – $2.95

    Now it’s time for the final verdict. My essential opinion is that X-sensual.com has far more pros than cons. The website design is elegant, easy to use, and fast to load. The quality of the content is superb, as well as the length of the videos. Let’s be honest. Your horny self won’t last 10 minutes, let alone almost half an hour which is the average videos’ duration. The girls are drop-dead gorgeous if you like natural-looking girls, with nice curves and tight young bodies

    If you become a member of X-sensual.com, the whole world of Dirty Flix websites will come as a bonus, featuring thirteen other adult content websites dealing with different porn niches. It’s a win-win situation. Truth be told, the website doesn’t offer a ton of categories to narrow your search or advanced search options. After all, is there anything more a man can ask for than young babes taking it up to their asses and pussy at the same time? Go ahead, give it a go and enter the realm of divine porn that is sure to please you both visually and physically.


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