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    Hey, you horny crowd, hail to the king!

    The right balance between tender and rough, artistic and brute, is what is needed to achieve perfection, at least in the adult industry. The quality of a video, the appearance of the babes and studs, and the type of scenario make a difference between the good and the crappy porn. There is one big thing that makes a world of difference–the size of a dick. Nobody wants to see a micro dick going up a pussy. Hell no! Enter the world of gigantic, black mambas and the gorgeous babes trying to tame them. Let’s look at the most significant, award-winning website dealing with the interracial niche–Blacked.com. It was about time!

    The creators of Blacked.com really put a lot of thought into how to choose the most exciting content to welcome their visitors with. The search will go without a hitch, even for inexperienced internet users. This place is easy to click through and neatly organized. Once I typed Blacked.com in my browser window, I was greeted with an HD porn video featuring two black studs roughly banging a breathtaking brunette by the beach. The babe I came across had a perfect natural body, gorging on two throbbing anacondas, taking them up both her holes. That’s my kinda girl! Bravo sugar! The studs looked fierce, bodies covered with tattoos. What’s more Alpha than a big and tall black man with an inked-up body?

    When it comes to the website design, it’s all black–what a surprise! Who needs a striking background with this kind of content! If you hover your mouse over the thumbnails, you will see a short video preview, as well as the names of the featured pornstars. As far as I could see, judging from the homepage, the girls are ivory, but the word is that Blacked.com does have one or two ebony babes joining the fun. The homepage will offer you to look at the Top Rated, Award-winning, and Favorite videos, with three new sections – Behind the Scenes, Compilations and the one featuring solo girls and sensual lesbian scenes named Intimates. As you are scrolling through, you’ll have a chance to see how everything flows perfectly. The content updates every five days, and there is a clock running countdown to the next scene.

    Even though interracial porn videos may come through as too rough, with usually cheesy and sometimes offensive dialogues, Blacked.com has made its content both artistic and steamy hot at the same time. That is probably why Blacked.com is the leading website worldwide when it comes to the interracial niche. The dialogues and intros to the hardcore scenes are more subtle, with no violence whatsoever. No – Come bitch and fuck my dong – kinda lines here. On the other hand, the build-ups may sound repetitive and somewhat dull, especially because some girls don’t speak English fluently, which is very obvious. Yep, the swag like me has the premium membership and watches his porn with the sound on!

    Another fun and handy feature is the Models section. Namely, once you choose the one that meets your dick’s desires, the first thing you’ll get is a huge picture of her in HD. Each video comes with a set of pictures, usually counting between 100 and 120 photographs in one set. The quality of the photos is crystal clear, letting you inspect every nook and cranny of the babe’s banging body. There is a small description of the girl that sounds artistic and somewhat romantic. The bummer is there is no bio, age, breasts’ size info, or any similar info found on such websites. All babes are under 35 or 30 (hard to guess the exact age), so no milfs or saggy tits. The babes’ vibe is European in the majority of cases, and you kinks know what that means–stockings! I loved it! Caliente!

    When it comes to the dudes who star for Blacked.com, all of them are young and big-dicked. The sad truth in the adult industry is the guys are underrated and usually paid less than their female colleagues. Just ask yourself, how many names of male pornstars do you know? My guess is under ten. And now count the female names! See my point. Truth be told, the guys are a vital part of Blacked.com, but they also look like a dull crowd. Maybe it’s because they all look kinda same. Don’t get me wrong – I respect the dudes. It’s just the overall feeling that Blacked.com lacks some diversity.

    It’s no surprise that a website of such quality and excitement is not for cheap pervs. You have to become a member to enjoy the videos. The prices are as following:

    – 2 days trial membership – $1 recurring

    – 1 month membership – $29.95 recurring

    – 3 months membership – $59.95 recurring

    – 6 months membership – $99.95 recurring

    My important opinion is to go with the two-day trial, which costs 1 dollar at the time of the review. They tend to offer discounts up to 50%, so check the info regularly and choose the best option. Blacked.com is mobile and tablet compatible.

    Let the premium member talk you into some details. The moment you successfully log in, the pop-up window will inform you there is a whole range of new content which is entirely free for the members. Namely, you’ll gain access to additional content from other brands, but there is a twist to it – you’ll need to collect and spend gems. You’ll be awarded ten gems each Friday, which is exactly how much you need to unlock one of the bonus channels. If you decide to cancel your membership but decide to subscribe again, you’ll have to collect the gems from scratch. Another downfall is the videos from bonus channels can’t be downloaded. The approximate duration of the videos found on Blacked.com is around 35 minutes, sometimes as long as 70 minutes. Imagine watching Adriana Chechik and her horny girlfriends fucking six black dongs for 50 minutes! Damn!

    The category list is another great asset adding to the website’s user-friendly interface—the list is decent, containing the most popular ones found in adult websites. The biggest number of videos include the doggystyle category, riding, and deep throat. Remember me talking about the artistic style of the videos? Here is the fun fact. Over 100 videos are threesomes, but only a few include double penetration. Yes, the dudes will spitroast the babes, make them gag shoving the black mamba down the throat, but won’t engage in any kind of violence, humiliation, or public sex. It looks like massive dicks give massive blowjobs, so if you are into ivory faces drenched in juicy spunk, you’ll soon become a fan of Blacked.com. So there you have it, a lot of kinks and a bit of common sense. It is a best practice both together.

    So, the conclusion. My essential opinion is the Blacked.com is worth your time. The quality of the videos is top-notch, with stunning natural-looking nymphs eager to swallow or ride any black dick that comes their way. The website’s interface is sleek and easy to navigate, packed with excellent content and thumbnails with short previews. On the other hand, the dialogues are repetitive, as well as the scenes. If you are into solo shows, this is not the place for you. If you are into BDSM, amateurs fucking in dorms, or bitch slapping, Blacked.com is not for you. If you are an artistic soul who gets the kick out of teen babes impaling their asses and cunts on black shafts, look no more. This stuff is golden!


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