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    Konichiwa my dudes!

    Mr. Wanton is on the line, and today we’re going to explore the wonderful world of Japanese porn! More specifically, we’re going to take a look at just how good Japanese porn can be when it’s completely uncensored. And what better site to go to when you’re in search of the finest uncensored and full-length Japanese porn than Japan HDV. This place is literally made for people in the west to enjoy if they want to watch authentic Japanese porn actresses get nailed in their tight pussies. And the best thing about all this is the fact that most of us have bigger dicks than the male actors! You can only imagine how good those Japanese porn actresses would feel with the length and girth that I can provide them with!

    But enough about my endowment, we have a website to review on our hands! When it comes to premium porn sites like Japan HDV, there are a couple of things that we need to explore. First of all, we need to look at whether or not they allow you to both stream and download the porn videos. Then we need to check out if the videos are in high definition and if there is enough of them in the first place. Finally, we should also take a look at the user experience on their website and if it allows the user to watch the porn whenever they want and wherever they are.

    I’m happy to say that the first aspect is fulfilled on this platform. You basically have complete power over whether you want to stream the porn or download it to your computer. You can download as many videos as you want with your premium plan, so you can get quite a porn stash going if you’re willing to go through all the hassle of downloading the content. Me personally, I just like to sit back and enjoy the show. Jerking off can be hard work, and for a guy like me who has spent their entire life in porn, it can just be too much to download new content all the time. That’s why I prefer instant streaming. Well, that and the limited storage space on my 5 external HDD drives that I managed to completely fill with exclusive, high-end premium porn.

    Now let’s talk about the aspect of quality. This can be a bit trickier to talk about because, as we all know, Japanese porn is not on the same quality standards as western porn. The exclusive and premium porn we have in the western hemisphere far outclasses whatever any other country has to offer. Japan is included in this, and so the quality of the premium porn on Japan HDV won’t exactly be groundbreaking. What will be groundbreaking, however, are the plotlines and stories that these videos tell. Japanese people are a lot more open minded, and they aren’t afraid to explore taboo topics when they film porn. That’s something that I especially enjoy since western porn kind of plays out the same way every time because some things are just too taboo to be put on screen for some reason.

    The videos come in Full HD, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy 1080p resolution whenever you play a video on this platform. The videos can be downloaded in four different sizes, and those are HD, SD, LQ, and mobile. HD is what you should go for if you have the space for it, and LQ should only be the last resort if you’re really running low on HDD space. Each release also comes with its own photo set that you’ll be able to browse through. You can download all the photos, and there are usually dozens, if not over a hundred photos with every new release on Japan HDV.

    But what about the quantity of porn? We talked about quality, but if you don’t have enough content to watch, then it’s all for nothing! Well, here’s how things stand on Japan HDV right now. You have over 1400 videos to explore through, and new titles are being released every single day. However, this content is just on Japan HDV. There are also seven other sites that you’ll unlock with your membership, and these sites have their own premium Asian porn. Well okay, one site is actually for western porn, but the six other ones are all Asian porn. You have Asians Bondage, AvidolZ, Teen Thais, My Cute Asian, Brutal Asia, and JavHQ. You’re basically going to unlock all of these with your premium membership.


    2 days trial membership – $4.95

    1 month recurring membership – $29.95

    1 month non-recurring membership – $39.95

    6 months membership – $89.95

    You can pay for your membership with a credit card or through PayPal if that suits you better, and an important factor to know about is that there will be no indications that you bought a membership to an adult website on your bank or PayPal statements. That way you don’t have to worry about your wife freaking out about you spending money on porn! She’ll probably just gloss over the expense and think that it’s for a cable subscription or something similar. The billing is 100% secure, and there are no extra costs.

    Also, we can’t forget about one more important aspect of Japan HDV, and that’s the user experience. When I look at how good the site is from that perspective, I’m actually pleasantly surprised with the performance. It loads up the pages very quickly, the preview videos buffered almost instantly, and the user interface just has a very clean look to it that I’m sure all guys will know how to use. If you’ve ever been on a porn site before, you’ll know all the ins and outs of Japan HDV!

    But wait a second… What good is Japanese porn if you can’t understand anything? Worry not, my dude! Japan HDV has you covered on that as well! Every video on the platform comes with exclusive English subtitles that only this website has. They have their own guys translating these pornos so that they don’t have to rely on external factors when it comes to the subtitles. Let’s face it, understanding the plot is really important with this kind of porn, and so I’m glad that they invested a lot of effort into that on Japan HDV.

    I guess the only thing that I would like to see are longer previews for people who don’t have an account. Right now, I can’t get enough information about what to expect with the porn here. I mean, I get it, I’ll get uncensored JAV porn and that’s great. But what I don’t know is how many scenes I can expect, how long the scenes are, as well as if there are other things I should know about in the video. For example, does the video have some scenes that I don’t like that involve pussy shaving and other weird crap that Japanese people are into? Also, the video quality and general vibe differs a lot from one release to another. That means that Japan HDV features multiple Japanese studios, and this can give a very inconsistent feeling when it comes to new content. You never know what you’re going to get.

    There are other sites that aim to provide users with a premium Japanese porn experience other than Japan HDV. For example, JAV HD is a very popular premium Japanese porn site, and it aims to provide users with an unforgettable experience in the realm of JAV content. Basically, they offer the same kind of content that Japan HDV does. However, JAV HD has double the number of videos, and it has a much better design too! It even has a cheaper trial where you just pay a dollar for three days. However, on that site you only get one free sample preview, and nothing else. You basically have no idea what you’re going to get.

    Then you have another premium Japanese porn site called Erito. That one is cheaper than Japan HDV, but you have no idea how many videos they have. You also can’t preview the videos, so in the end Japan HDV seems to be the best when it comes to the user experience. At least with that platform you get to preview the videos, even though the previews are incredibly short. Overall, if I had to choose between these two, I’d go for Japan HDV. But when it comes to choosing between JAV HD and Japan HDV, I’d consider the $1 3-day trial that the former has to offer.

    I still recommend checking out Japan HDV as well, so don’t be afraid to try it out!



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