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    Today, I’m gonna discuss one of the biggest players in the industry – Digital Playground. It produces mind-blowing blockbusters featuring some of the hottest and most popular stars in the industry. Here, you will have access to thousands of pornographic masterpieces, including their award-winning XXX scenes. Updates are regular and the Full-HD streams look fantastic.

    Curious already? Want me to tell you more? Well, don’t mind if I do!

    One of the most distinctive features of Digital Playground-produced videos is high budgets. Also, they typically have lots of well-established pornstars involved. Also, the rumor has it that there’s some actual screenwriting involved when it comes to their big-budget skin flicks. Go figure!

    Normally, a playground is a place where you can forget about your hassles, stress, etc. This Digital Playground knows EXACTLY what you need: high-quality vids depicting gorgeous women that are equal parts fun-loving and genuinely nasty.

    Digital Playground stands out among premium adult sites in several different ways. First and foremost, the quality is top-notch. Amazing cinematography, editing; lush and lingering close-ups that seamlessly turn into wide shots, etc. Secondly, the performers in question are some of the hottest in the industry. Among them, I’d like to mention Riley Steele, Kayden Cross, Bibi Jones, and Jesse Jane – all amazing in their own right. Thirdly, the male performers are always great – it’s not all about jackhammering with those dudes, it’s clear that they actually care about the pleasure of their co-stars.

    Another strength of Digital Playground is that the content they put forth doesn’t take itself too seriously – there is always a tinge of humor to accompany the hot action. Among their most popular porn spoofs, there’s Top Gun, Backdraft, and 2 Fast 2 Furious. In their library, you will find a good mix of lesbian and heterosexual sex scenes, as well as heaps of anal, threesome, and double penetration vids that are sure to satisfy people that like it rough.

    Almost all the videos are accompanied by amazing photo galleries that can be downloaded in a matter of seconds. On average they contain 80 images and have a high resolution of 2400×1600.

    In the profiles of the models, their measurements are listed, as well as the milestones of their careers.

    The website’s UI makes it real easy to find, view and stream videos. You will have no problem finding models, exploring categories, or tracking down something more specific. There are also precisely zero issues when it comes to playback.

    Now as per usual, I cannot ignore some of the negatives.

    Firstly, updates do not occur nearly as often as we would like. There are only a few new vids released in a month. Of course, it’s perfectly understandable given the time it takes to write a script and film a scene.

    Secondly, there is no way one can leave comments. After I watch a video, I want my opinion to be heard loud and clear.

    The prices are fairly standard for the Brazzers-adjacent sites. 12 months – $9.99/month, $119.99 for a year. A 3-month membership is going to cost you $59.99 ($19.99 per month). One-month subscription will cost you $32.99. Even if you’re short on money, they offer you an opportunity to purchase a two-day premium membership for $1.

    Okay, as per usual, let’s discuss some of the direct “rivals.”

    Do you enjoy big-budget adult entertainment? Then you should give Wicked Pictures a try. They have a fantastic site that feels vaguely similar to Digital Playground. Come to think of it, it’s even organized in pretty much the same way! You will find gorgeous pornstars with the hottest tits in the industry indulging in passionate on-cam fucking.

    Another huge assemblage of raunchy content can be found over at Bang.com. They offer gorgeous HD and hardcore videos, with loads of anal, DP, group sex, and some of the hottest big breasted babes in the industry.

    And if you just want the richest collection of porn to blow your mind, there is nothing better than Videobox. They have thousands of genuinely amazing and you get unlimited access to them. Daily updates with quality content cover almost every kind of porn you can imagine. The site is also great. It offers many exciting browsing features.

    To summarize: Digital Playground is one of the best things going in the world of adult entertainment today. You can watch their videos for days to no end without ever getting bored. If that doesn’t sound exciting to you, we don’t know what will.

    Digital Playground…. another approval by Mr.Wanton!


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