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    If there is one thing that warms my heart in the lonely nights, that must be women. The ladies make everything better, cleaner, bigger, and harder. I have seen them all, skinny and curvy, white and ebony, big tits, small tits, you name it. My sharp senses have detected that every single one radically changed their behaviors when around other women. First of all, my horny studs, I have to disappoint you and tell you that babes get all dressed up to impress other babes, not us. They are smart enough to know we would fuck anything walking on two legs as soon as it has a pussy. Secondly, they always go to public toilets together. It is a riddle insolvable for the dudes since we simply take a leak. Let’s admit it, the guys sometimes take a look at the other man’s junk, but the purpose is purely mathematical. I have never been that guy because I know my ding-a-ling is the most epic one on the planet. As a boy, I fantasized about the girls playing with each other’s titties while in the bathroom, but the reality is, women love crowds. After all, haven’t you seen the hordes of women in clothing stores during discounts. Even the female animals tend to hang around in packs and flocks. Oh, man, they love to fight, push each other, pick up fights. One thing I know as a fact, being as experienced as I am with the ladies, the best sex by far is a threesome with two ladies. They are all about competition, taking turns in blowing and worshipping my enormous dick, usually wearing the sexiest lingerie, just to beat the rivalry hottie.

    If you are looking for a quality website that is all about the girls, created to compliment and praise female beauty, check Twistys.com out. The website boasts a simple but elegant overall look, a clean layout, lady-like fonts, and a vibrant color scheme. The website’s name is written in deep pink letters, with a small lollipop icon included. The lollipop is a clever idea to let the viewers know what to expect from Twystis.com. Namely, the place is packed with girls who love to lick sweet things. Is there anything sweeter than a pink pussy, melting on the tongue like a toffee? The deep color shade isn’t a coincidence. It clearly indicates a girl diving deep into a wet cunt. At least, that is the first association with the color in my kinky mind. The website’s content is sure to meet your expectations. Twistys.com has glamour models as the primary niche, and the secondary one is all kinds of lesbian sex. The website offers solo shows, softcore porn, as well as hardcore actions. If you are into girls or just love watching elegant female bodies twist in pleasure, Twysties.com is a name to remember. Similar to Lezdombliss.com, the homepage welcomes you with a large banner showing some of the hottest girls performing and fucking for Twistys.com. At the time of the review, some of the hottest top-rated girls are Dania Vega, Gizelle Blanco, Charlotte Stokely, Darcie Dolce, and Scarlit Scandal. Scrolling down the homepage will reveal both the latest and the top-rated porn videos, each of them containing info about the date, number of views, and the number of people who pressed the thumbs up.

    Twystis.com is the home of many solo show videos, softcore and hardcore clips, offering you tons of choices to go through. The models come in all shapes and sizes. All of them are unique, beautiful, and fun-loving. Once you are drawn to a certain babe’s picture, just click on it and get to know more about her. The description of the girls is detailed, witty, and precise. The additional offered info is the birthplace, height, and other relevant measurements. Right below the descriptions section, you will find a list of the videos featuring the selected model. The bonus websites opening their doors to the signed up members are Twistys Teasers, Nicole Graves, Mom Knows Best, Turning Twistys, When Girls Play, Feature Films, Anette Dawn, Euro Foxes, Blue Fantasies, Busty Ones, and Twistys Hard. You have probably realized by now the content is exclusive. Well, all the good things come with a cost. You will be offered four plans for the membership, with the prices as follows:

    Twelve months membership will cost you 9.99 USD/month, billed in one payment of 119.99 USD

    Three months membership will cost you 19.99 USD/month, billed in one payment of 59.99 USD

    Thirty days membership will cost you 29.99 USD/month, billed in one payment of 29.99 USD

    Two days membership will cost you 1 USD/day. 

    Similar to other exclusive adult websites, you will have to cancel the membership if you don’t want the automatic rebilling at the end of your chosen membership plan. Twistys.com has a professional support service, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in case you get stuck during the process. You can reach the support through toll-free lines, live chat, or skype account.

    When deciding if they want to become a member or not, the usual dilemma people come across is whether paying for the membership is a good deal or not? There are two additional and unique features named Treats, offering the treat of the month and the treat of the year. The option reminded me of the times before the internet era when porn websites were just a product of our imagination. Back in the days, it was almost impossible to find the porn tapes because our kinky dads kept them locked as a kind of secret treasure. I was happy if I stumbled upon a naughty magazine. One of my favorite trips as a teenager was a trip to the local mechanics’ shops since they always had calendars with naked chicks hanging on the greasy walls. The Treats section has a top-rated girl for each month of the year, and the Yearly Treats section features the overall best girls of the whole year. The oldest one was from 2009, showing us the website has been around for over a decade.

    The categories list included the most common ones when it comes to this specific niche, such as scissoring, solo, pussy licking, sex toys, squirt, dildo, strip club, athletic, bondage, and so on. The thing that differentiates Twistys.com from other similar websites is the fact the videos are good quality, sometimes hardcore, but usually a kind of glamor-oriented erotica. The girls are feminine, sensual, wearing expensive lingerie and perfect make-up. They smile, kiss, dance, tease and fuck with style. Don’t expect the ads to pop up, spoiling the fun randomly. Everything about this website is elegant, tasteful, and exclusive. The option highlighted in pink named Filters is created to help you further narrow down your search for the girl of your dreams, letting you sort the videos by letter or categories, the recently active as well as the top-rated criteria. The girls are professional models and pornstars, and the video is updated on a daily basis. I approve of Twistys.com, and my important opinion is the place offers diverse good-quality videos with some of the hottest girls on the planet. If you are tired of the standard gonzo videos where the first thing you see is a vast dick ramming a hairy pussy, with bottles of booze laying around, this is not your kind of website. Guys might like Twistys.com or not, but the girls are sure to add it to the favorites list.


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