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    It has been a good day today. Spring has finally arrived, and I took a chance to take a walk around the town, sunbathing like a snake on a rock, warm and relaxed. I sat down to grab a cup of the best espresso, lit a cigar, and watched the girls go by. It seems they were desperate for some sun as well since many of them had their floral dresses on, giving men a glimpse of beautiful curves hiding underneath. Oh, let us face it, I love babes! It is more than evident since I spend half of the day glancing at them out on the town and the remaining half watching them undress and get naughty on hundreds of porn sites. On the other hand, I have often thought about the fact that women’s relationships are somewhat underrated. When was the last time you watched a movie (not porn) portraying friendship, love, or loyalty between two girls? The situation is similar when it comes to the literature. There aren’t a significant number of books about two or three women being best friends, life companions, or making a family. Once a person does come across a lady-inspired movie, two or three women in a crowd are usually witches. Unfair, isn’t it? Thus, I have decided to devote my today’s review to all the beautiful girls out there and recommend one of the best websites that praises a loving relationship between two or more women named Lezdombliss.com.

    At the beginning of this review, we will discuss the website’s overall look, just as we would if it were a woman. Get into some juicy detail about every existing nook and cranny. Lezdombliss.com looks tidy, fresh and crisp, and exudes quality. The owners cleverly choose a women’s lips symbol to be the website’s trademark, clearly indicating what the website is all about. Is there anything sexier and more tantalizing than pouty women’s lips, especially wearing red lipstick? I don’t think so. Another clever idea the creators of Lezdombliss.com came up with is to narrow down to the specific porn niche, lesbian porn, in this case. No man or woman in the right mind can say no to good lesbian porn. The reason behind this is it is always better to see two pairs of hooters than one, two pussies than one. The second reason lies in the fact lesbians are always incredibly hot, open-minded when it comes to the sex toys choice and love to dominate. The final and crucial reason is that women, unlike men, can have multiple orgasms in a row. Trust me. I know what I am saying. There is nothing in this world hotter than watching a girl cum two or three times in fifteen minutes. Chicks dig lesbians, and men adore lesbians, lesbians love lesbians, and everyone loves lesbians. Once you enter Lezdombliss.com in your google search (I suggest private browsing), the first thing you will see is a big banner presenting you with some of the hottest pornstars you can enjoy watching here. 

    When it comes to the numbers, the Porn Videos button reveals a total figure of 1519 adult videos you can take a look at. The additional info below the videos shows the number of views and the number of likes. Thumbnails show the video preview, which is another fantastic way to find the one that meets your dick’s desires. I was drawn to a video named Let me Work with Gizelle Blanco and Dania Vega. The plot was great, sexy, and amusing. Needless to say, the babes were steaming hot. The video descriptions aren’t there, but I wasn’t bothered by that. One of the things that can come as a downer is you nasty pervs out there need to make a payment for watching the videos. At the time of this review, the prices are the following:

    1 USD for two days membership 

    24.99 USD for 30 days membership

    16.66 USD for three months membership

    8.33 USD for 12 months membership

    A piece of friendly advice. Always read the info written in small letters below the prices. The yearly membership will be initially charged 99.99 USD and rebilled automatically every 365 days. The three-month membership will be initially charged 49.99 USD and rebilled every 90 days until canceled. A one-month membership will cost you 24.99 USD in total and be rebilled every 30 days. The limited access two-day trial is also automatically rebilled at 34.99 USD every 30 days.

    The collection of female pornstars is astonishing. Lezdombliss.com is the home of 992 burning hot babes. That means 992 pairs of titties to see. Not even me, a handsome stud, had a chance to see so many hooters in my life. I stopped counting at 500. Some of the most popular babes are Violet Starr, Dania Vega, Scarlet Scandal, Tru Kait, Azul Hermosa, Olive Glass, and many others. Truth be told, the list of categories is not as long, and it contains big tits, natural tits, pussy licking, scissoring, redhead, blonde, sex toys, big ass, feet, ebony, squirt, massage, dildo, bondage, athletic, rough sex, hairy, solo, oiled and Latina. A total of 20 categories. Not bad, but hardly impressive. The number of boobs is impressive. I still can’t get that fact out of my system. The good news is there is another way to narrow the search down to the right video. The black Filters button will open a submenu letting you sort the videos by letter, category, gender, date, top-rated, and number of views criteria. The website’s interface is user-friendly, runs smoothly, and everything is neatly arranged. A piece of heaven for all the pussy loving babes on the planet. My essential opinion is the website lacks a juicier category list. Namely, there are so many sex toys selling worldwide that the mere category named Sex Toys is not detailed enough. For God’s sake, there is a sex toy, if that thing can be called sexy, called Fuck a Duck. The product is kinky as hell but very versatile. Just think of it. You can ram it with your dick from behind, rub your pussy against it, entertain the blissfully ignorant kids, and use it as a pool floater. The pictures of girls riding some stupid flamingos in the poll, showing the peace sign with two fingers up, is all the rage these days. Seriously now, I need to know more of the things these hotties put in their tight pussies and asses. I approve of any toy, kitchen utensil, or tool that would make my woman cum.

    Lezdombliss.com is an elegant, sleek place with nothing that diverts the attention from the videos and pornstars. There are no pop-up ads, instructions on how to make your dick bigger, or any kind of shit redirecting you to other less significant websites. Even the customer support menu looks incredibly professional and serious, as if it wasn’t an adult content website. You can choose between the team answering your questions regarding the technical issues or billing questions. The customer support is available 24/7, on both toll-free phone line, chat, or skype account. There is a note highlighted in pink saying they suggest using the live chat option because the phone lines are so busy they can’t answer all of them, thus proving they are one of the most popular adult content websites.

    To cut a long story short, I loved this place. Lezdombliss.com is a well-designed website packed with lesbian porn videos that are out of this world. The number of featured pornstars is so big you will need days to check all of them out. The ads won’t bug you. The website won’t crash. One thing is certain. You will get a hard-on 100%. The harsh truth is that the content is exclusive, which means that all cheap bastards will have to settle with other aggregate websites. My important opinion is the prices are affordable, especially once you weigh the pros and cons of this fantastic place. If you are a pussy lover, male or female, Lezdombliss.com has a serious potential of becoming your first choice once you feel an urge to jerk off. 


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