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    I’ve recently been thinking about how the porn industry has evolved through time. We have gone from VHS cassettes and DVD players to having everything just a few clicks away from us on the internet. And yet, porn doesn’t seem to stop evolving! Nowadays, cam girls are taking the world by storm, and I can see why that is. I guess the main reason for this is that people are getting tired of being spectators and want to have their input. With live cam shows they can finally do that! So, I set out on an adventure to find a great entry-level cam site that all people could enjoy, no matter how much money they have. My journey has led me to a site known as My Free Cams. Let’s check it out!

    You guys know me, as long as I have thick juicy asses to look at, I’m happy. And, better yet, if I can do that for free, then I’m super happy! Well, that’s basically what My Free Cams has to offer. Since porn usually involves some kind of fucking, live cams are almost always completely dedicated to a solo chick. That’s not to say that couple cams don’t exist, but the majority of cams concentrate on these solo beauties. On this site in particular, there are many of them to choose from, and each one of them brings something new to the table. Cam girls started out as just strippers with a webcam, but now they have all kinds of fan clubs, donation tiers, and a bunch of other stuff that I’ll probably get into a little bit during this review.

    The main thing that My Free Cams is known for among its cam site peers is the fact that it’s free. I mean, duh! It’s in the name! On this website you don’t have to worry about spending a single dime, though there are some benefits to that as well, as we’ll soon discover. But for now you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can just go to My Free Cams and check out the cams without paying for anything. In fact, that’s one of the things that I really like to do. I like to go to this website and see how much I can get out of a cam girl before she starts asking for donations and stuff. You’d be surprised how far they’re willing to go just to gain and then keep your attention.

    However, free accounts and guests are limited in what they can do on the site. This sucks, but I understand why they had to make it that way. You see, My Free Cams doesn’t really get any revenue from ads since they don’t seem to have any on their website. No pop-ups, no video ads, no nothing. So, the only source of revenue that they do have are those tokens that you can buy. They get a cut and that’s how they stay afloat.

    Now, I’m not gonna say that it’s not profitable for them since they’re obviously doing very well for themselves. But what I will say is that I can appreciate their effort and the fact that they have managed to make the site completely free for those who don’t have disposable income, or those people who just don’t feel like paying for a premium live cam experience. Oh, and by the way, buying any number of tokens gives you lifelong access to premium features. So perhaps it’s something worth considering!


    200 tokens – $19.99

    550 tokens – $49.99

    900 tokens – $74.99

    1875 tokens – $149.99

    3775 tokens – $299.99

    7575 tokens – $599.99

    When you look at the massive collection of cam girls that you can browse through on the platform, I’m sure that you can find some of them that are to your liking. Those ones might just be worth spending your hard-earned money on. They will usually have token donation tiers where they will do different things if you donate a certain number of tokens. For example, if you want a cam girl to flash her tits, she might require you to donate 50 tokens. If you want to get a striptease show, that might cost 200 tokens. And trust me dude, out of the thousands of models on this platform, you’re bound to find some that will intrigue you. Some of them look like goddamn supermodels!

    You can even filter through these babes by using the settings on the homepage. There you will be able to see a bunch of different options that allow you to customize your viewing experience as well as which girls are going to be shown to you. On top of this, you can sort the models by different scores, choose how many days a model is considered “new” on the platform, select the display type for the thumbnails, set how often the homepage refreshes and so on. You can even change up the layout of the menu on the right-hand side of the website! That level of customization is absolutely bonkers! My Free Cams really went all in with the customization.

    The right-hand panel can also be changed so that it shows models that you may like, different tags and topics, trending rooms, recently visited rooms, custom selections, and the rankings for Miss MyFreeCams. Oh, and as for how I like to set up the site, I like to see the action straight on the home screen. That means choosing the “previews” option instead of the “avatars” when it comes to what is shown on the homepage. That way you can immediately see which girls are just chatting with their clothes on, and which ones are getting ready for some freaky and feisty action.

    You know, sometimes I like to get into a cam show that’s not yet kicking off, but at other times I like to get straight into the nudity without waiting for someone else to donate! Oh, and if nobody donates, you might have to do it unless you want to get blueballed! Basically, what I’m trying to say is that there are many ways that you can approach this website with all the options that it gives you, and you should definitely explore everything that My Free Cams has to offer.

    Unfortunately, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to My Free Cams. Such is the case with every porn site, and there are things that could be done better here too. For example, I feel that the entire design of the website is a little bit outdated. It definitely needs a makeover, though this usually comes at the expense of certain customization options. I don’t know what I’d prefer more, so I’ll leave that up to the community to decide and to voice their opinions to the admins as they see fit. Also, you are extremely limited as a guest and you usually can’t even chat in public rooms without a free account. But even when you register for a free account, you’re still extremely limited on the website!

    So, what about the competitors then? Well, there are a couple that I can think of, but the most obvious one just has to be Chaturbate. That place is known for its completely free cams that you can watch even if you’re just a guest. You also have optional spending in the form of tokens, so the two sites are similar in that aspect as well. The main advantage that Chaturbate has over My Free Cams is the number of models that you can expect. Chaturbate just has so many more of them to choose from. However, that site also has banner ads from time to time. I know that these are internal ads for the models on the platform, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying.

    Another competitor that you might have heard of is Streamate. That site is also great for watching cam girls perform for free, and it also has more models than My Free Cams. Usually, Streamate has around double the number of models that My Free Cams does. Also, the cam shows on that platform seem to be higher in quality on average. However, you need to create a free account in order to watch any cam shows, and even then not all cam shows will be available to you. So, you might just be better off sticking with My Free Cams anyway if you want to get into a cam show very quickly and enjoy yourself.

    So, at the end of the day, I fully recommend My Free Cams! Go ahead and check it out!


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