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    Hello, folks!

    Heard anything about this Fake Hub thing already? If you haven’t, I’ll be more than happy to tell you about it. After all, it’s one of my favorite porn sites of ALL time! Don’t be fooled by the name, the hardcore fucking on Fake Hub is 100% real! It’s as real as it gets, son! Anyway, the “fake” in the title refers to the fact that there’s some fakery involved in the videos. You get to see fake casting agents, fake doctors, fake taxi drivers, etc. This network brings to life some of the most popular sexual fantasies with thirsty babes from the UK and mainland Europe. Their thick accents make them all the more attractive, obviously.

    FakeHub offers you over 10 channels, each with a different theme. One of the most popular is Fake Taxi. So, a girl orders a taxi, refuses to pay, gets fucked by the cabbie. That’s how it usually goes. Then there is Female Fake Taxi, the gimmick is pretty much the same, only gender-flipped. On Public Agent, a rich dude with a fad of cash goes out and offers European girls model contracts in exchange for blowjobs and fucking. Fake Agent takes a more traditional approach and invites girls for auditions… and then creepily records them getting screwed. Furthermore, there’s Fake Cop that centers on a guy that doesn’t mind impersonating a law enforcement officer just to bully/scare women into fucking him.

    The models you’ll see on Fake Hub are somewhat diverse in age, appearance, and looks. There are real hot moms and real 18+ teens, petite ladies and voluptuous beauties, blondes, brunettes and redheads. The variety is pretty damn impressive, but due to it being set/filmed in Europe, most women are white.

    The site looks great visually, you can use sorting options, tags, categories, and basic search. Feel free to leave comments on the scene or leave a like or a dislike on a video. You can also add scenes to your favorites, create your own porn playlist. The network works perfectly on all kinds of devices, especially Android phones. You can also track your browsing history. For technical and billing questions, you can visit the Fake Hub support page, where you will surely find answers to frequently asked questions. If, for some strange reason, you do not find your answers there, you can always contact them via email, live-chat or Skype. Another way is through the Feedback tab. It can be used to send a crash report or leave a suggestion.

    I cannot help but mention some of the disadvantages. Firstly, there are not too many 4k-quality videos even though the video quality is pretty great in general. Secondly, there’s been some slip-ups in terms of updates. Some channels are seemingly dead.

    Thirdly, there are almost no thumbnails for videos. Last but not least… there is no model index or advanced search function!

    Now, I gotta mention the membership fees since this website is far from free. 12 Months – $7.49/month or one payment of $89.99.

    A 3-month subscription will cost you $ 19.99/month in form of a one-time payment of $49.99. A one-month subscription is $ 32.99. And finally, for just $1 you’ll get to access Fake Hub for two full days as a little teaser.

    As far as competition goes, I would bring up Backroom Casting Couch. This site has a lot in common with several Fake Hub channels. Their entire gimmick hinges on naïve women suffering through disgusting, highly traumatizing casting couch experiences. The scenes and the actresses are worthy of your attention, by the way. Also, Nubiles Casting is at a slightly higher level, but it’s vaguely similar to FakeHub anyway.

    Man, with such a huge collection of content that is constantly updated, you won’t be left without fresh porn anytime soon if you decide to subscribe to Fake Hub. Everything is in high quality, all the scenes are borderline riveting. This growing network is a great option for people that love European reality porn.

    FakeHub…. is totally approved by Mr.Wanton!


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