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    First impressions do matter. Scientists say we size up every person we meet in a couple of minutes. I know it’s true because I eye up every hot girl I meet, from head to toe. On the other hand, you must have heard the boys are also obsessed with the length of their penises. The less fortunate ones often pronounce that cliche sentence that size doesn’t matter? Well, that is just a made-up story to make the small boys feel better about themself. Chicks love a big dick. Trust me. I know what I am saying. You should have seen the faces of my many girlfriends once they got the chance to see my huge manhood. All of them worshipped me and my big shaft, forgetting all about me fooling around with other babes. The girth is another thing that made them crazy. Speaking of the gigantic stuff, I have to mention one of the biggest porn video aggregate websites out there. Meet the Adulttime.com. How did I come up with this fantastic place? Well. You know me, constantly searching for something new, something that didn’t exist before. This is my everyday life. Looking for the porn video that would meet my kinky expectations comes as a big challenge very often. From the moment I laid my eyes on Adulttime.com, it became clear that this was a well in a desert, capable of quenching my thirst for something both hot and unique.

    The company owning the website is a leader in this industry branch, clearly on the right path, and obviously familiar with the fact the initial impression is everything. Adulttime.com looks like a place packed with high-quality content, chosen with style, meticulously filtered to fulfill the wildest of dreams. The website does look different compared to other smaller ones. The place exudes luxury, looks modern and is far more polished than the porn websites I usually come across. Adulttime.com boasts an elegantly simple black background, with the Start Your Trial option highlighted in green. The company came up with a catchy and clever tagline, Porn Done Differently. The video preview on the homepage looks promising, standing there as a kind of commercial for all other videos on the website. Adulttime.com is all about the exciting plots, gorgeous girls featured in every porn niche you nasty pervs would enjoy. Some of the titles I came across right away were both witty and sexy at the same time, such as Go Stuck Yourself, Future Darkly Pandemic – Welcome to the New Normal, Poly Family Life – Alaska Road Trip, etc. Namely, these are the titles of an adult time series featured in some of the world’s most renowned newspapers such as Forbes, Rolling Stone, Maxim, The Sun, etc.

    Not only is it the most extensive collection of porn on the internet, but it is also the most extraordinary collection of girls and boys in all shapes and sizes, straight or gay, ebony or pale-skinned, amateurs or pornstars cumming for you in both solo shows and gangbangs. Surprise, surprise! The content is exclusive only, which means you will have to pay some cash to watch porn videos. The steps to become an exclusive member are: create your account by entering the email address and a password in the given boxes, and secondly, choose your trial period plan. Your options are:

    Pay 2.95 USD for a three day trial period

    Pay 19.95 USD a month for a thirty days trial period

    Pay 9.95 a month for one year of the trial period

    The prices mentioned above for the trial periods will be billed in one payment. A small tip from a porn connoisseur, always read the payment terms carefully. Namely, only members that are willing to commit to a 365 days trial are the only ones who can both stream and download the videos. If you have any questions regarding the payment, their customer support system will answer all your questions through email, chat, or toll-free helplines. The cancelation of the membership is a breeze, and it is done online.

    Now, let’s talk about the things you get for your money. Once you become a member of Adulttime.com, you will be able to choose from more than 250 excellent channels. The total number of videos stored on Adulttime.com exceeds 55000, making the website the biggest collection of porn videos I have ever seen. The content is updated every day, sometimes adding more than one video daily. While you choose the payment method, the info popping up says it’s eight videos added every day, but I wasn’t counting. More huge numbers are coming your way, your horny people. Adult Picture Galleries feature more than 30000 photographs, some of them coming in the HQ resolution, 1920×1280. The zip files are also available, and one set of pictures usually counts 120. A fantastic library is a place of more than 12000 models, ranging from naughty teens to grannies willing to fuck any dick that comes their way. The video’s length is impressive as well, the average one being around 25 min. It is clear that Adulttime.com didn’t choose quantity over quality since more than 2000 scenes are offered in 4K HD (3,840 x 2,160), and more than 25 thousand others are offered in 1,920 x 1,080. The pictures are steaming hot, usually coming in 1,600 x 1,200 px, which is a good size for your naughty folks out there. Adulttime.com is also optimized for smartphones, tablets, and desktop devices. Adulttime.com cooperates with many renowned partners in the industry, such as Alterotic, PervCity, Spizoo, RealSensual, Femjoy, My Pervy Family, Love Her Feet, and many others. As a member, you will be able to save the videos of your liking, like or dislike a video, or leave a comment. The website includes a forum where you can share the view and chat with like-minded people.

    Did the figures make your head spin? The numbers, black background, and the green Trial button reminded me of the good old days I used to spend in casinos with my buddies. We kept spinning the roulette, sometimes betting on the black and sometimes on the red ones. I pick the girls on Adulttime.com with the same passion, and I bet they will turn you on. Some days I loved the petite blondes, and other days I was aroused by busty redheads. I won all the time in these luxurious sinful casinos, with a bottle of the finest drink in my hands and gorgeous babes everywhere around me. After I was done making some money, I would take a girl or two back to my place. You know me, never a loser. If you have an aspiration to become of the girls or boys featured in the Adulttime.com videos, check out the Become a Model box. If you are hot and lucky enough, you will have a chance to meet stars of the adult industry such as Angela White, Kristen Scott, April O’Neil, Jane Wilde, Emily Willis, or Anna Foxxx. Adult Time Network Sites are also some of the best when it comes to creating porn content, like Girls Under Arrest, Devils Films, Burning Angel, Shape of Beauty, Pretty Dirty, Pure Taboo, and 21 Sextury.

    Once I weighed the pros and cons of Adulttime.com, the final result is I approve of this website. As an expert in this field, my essential opinion is that Adulttime.com offers a lot of unique good quality pictures and videos for a couple of bucks. The library is vast, with a massive number of individual scenes. Surprisingly, the majority of the videos are full-length videos. The resolution ranges from 720p to 4K, which is also more than decent for all the porn lovers out there. The content is both inventive and fun, well-produced, featuring some of the most famous porn stars in the adult industry. In a nutshell, it is much better to become a member of Adulttime.com and enjoy more than 55 thousand videos collected and filtered for you at one place and the never-ending list of categories than to pay for the membership for a couple of other smaller websites which offer far less for your money value. The frequency of updates also distinguishes Adulttime.com from its rivals, adding eight new scenes each day. What are you waiting for? Adulttime.com is waiting for you.


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