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    Hey there, my bros and amateur porn lovers!

    I’m pretty sure that a lot of you have heard about TAC Amateurs. I mean, the site has been around for well over a decade now, and it’s nearing the 20-year mark very quickly. Since 2003, they’ve been adding a lot of amateur content to the world of porn. Today, they are probably one of the most significant premium sources of amateur porn: no studios, no big production houses, just regular chicks and dudes having sex with each other. I know there are many of you out there who are my fans who are going to love that kind of content, which is why I am going to take a look at this website for you! Let’s dig in!

    First of all, let me tell you how TAC Amateurs functions. This place isn’t like your average porn site in that it doesn’t really produce any of its content. I mean, there are plenty of porn sites like that one online, but when you look at TAC Amateurs, it’s supposed to be a premium porn site. So, the question stands, where do they get all of that porn that they keep posting? Well, it’s not actually them posting the porn. Instead, actual amateur actresses and actors post to their own pages. In the words of TAC Amateurs, every single actress has her own website where she can post as many porn videos as she damn pleases! As they say, the more, the merrier.

    Since we’re talking about amateur content, you can’t really expect it to be of unbelievable quality. I mean, you can expect it to be pretty good, but anything above that lends itself to all kinds of bullshit, such as studio production and high budgets. And when you have all that, it’s tough to say that a video or that a collection of videos is amateur in any way, shape, or form. At least with TAC Amateurs, you know that you’re getting genuine amateur content made by actual people who are just really passionate about sex, and that’s about it.

    Also, the quality varies from one amateur pornstar to the next, and you can’t quite pin it down to one style or anything like that. The best way to approach this website would be to understand that you’ll be getting some fantastic amateur videos, but that the resolution of videos, the production of them, the camera quality, audio quality, and the variety of the angles might be lacking. It might be satisfactory, but it’s nowhere near what you’re used to with regular premium porn sites that serve you up with exclusive stuff every day of the week.

    All of these premium porn sites might be better than TAC Amateurs when it comes to the videos’ resolution. Still, they can’t even come close when it comes to the intimate feeling you get from amateur girls performing instead of veteran pornstars. In fact, some of these amateur girls have been filming porn for quite a while now, years in fact, but they still have the same feeling they had when they were just starting out. That’s something that you can’t copy, no matter how much money you throw at the porn or what kind of budget you’re working with.

    And the difference becomes even starker between all these websites when you also consider the fact that TAC Amateurs uploads a lot more content. You will get hundreds upon hundreds of videos every single month, and that’s nothing to scoff at. It’s a rate of uploads that no premium studio can reach, no matter how many sites they have. In fact, TAC Amateurs has been uploading so much content that they’ve actually decided to create an entirely new porn site now that goes by the name of TAC Amateurs 2. They have so much porn that they can’t fit it all in one place.

    The quantities of amateur porn that we’re talking about are pretty immense. You’re looking at over 300 amateur actors and actresses that upload to this website at a very fast rate. TAC Amateurs says that all of these actors and actresses are actually their own websites, but I would beg to differ. It’s all just one site, and TAC Amateurs offers you different channels to check out, sort of like any other premium network might. And on all of these channels, they have so far amassed an impressive collection of over 10,000 videos. These videos are completely exclusive to this platform and network, and they can’t be seen anywhere else. This is why it might make sense for you to purchase the membership here.

    Videos aren’t the only thing you’ll be getting, though, as you’ll be able to browse through millions upon millions of amateur pictures as well. These are actual photos taken by these actors and actresses. They aren’t always amazing, but they are never simply screenshots from a video. The images are their own content entirely, and you really have to think about how hard it is to get good photos considering that we’re talking about amateurs here. When filming, you can just leave the camera at an angle and let it film. When taking pictures, you can try timers, but for optimal photos, you need someone to take them instead, or sometimes the pornstars will take them as a selfie.

    But by far, the most fantastic thing that you’ll get out of TAC Amateurs is the contact details of any girl that you’re interested in. I mean, you could just pick and choose an amateur on this platform, and TAC Amateurs will provide you with all of her contact information so that you can get in touch with her. Of course, some of the more popular girls might not reply since they are so busy and famous at this point, but some of the newer girls will want to get back to you and tell you whatever it is that you want to know! This probably has to be the most impressive thing about TAC Amateurs and the entire experience that you’re getting here for the price that you’re paying.

    Rates for TAC Amateurs:

    -1 month membership for $29.95

    -3 month membership for $69.95

    -6 month membership for $135.95

    Rates for package deals TAC Amateurs + TAC Amateurs 2:

    -1 month package deal for $44.95

    -3 month package deal for $104.95

    -6 month package deal for $135.95

    Also, there are some bonuses that you can expect on TAC Amateurs. You see, recently, TAC Amateurs managed to acquire the entirety of Chickpass. And not only are they giving you access to the entirety of TAC Amateurs, as well as TAC Amateurs 2 if you buy the package deal, but in any case, you’ll also get access to the entirety of Chickpass. They literally bought Chickpass just to raise the value of the premium membership and so that more people would buy into the platform. Simply incredible if you ask me.

    The main competitors to TAC Amateurs are True Amateurs as well as Czech Casting. True Amateurs is a bit cheaper, and it has a lot of great content. The general quality of the content is a lot higher, but I would also say that some of these videos look more than just staged. It could be the case that True Amateurs isn’t exactly 100% amateur porn but has some studio elements, which could be a downside for those of you who are looking for entirely homemade content. Czech Casting has that amateur feel to it, but it’s also made by a company, which is apparent once you see that the videos are available in Ultra HD 4K quality. The price of Czech Casting is similar to TAC Amateurs, though, so there’s that.

    In any case, that’s about all you should know about TAC Amateurs and its competitors, and I think you’ll be able to make an informed decision to see the best premium amateur content that the internet has to offer!


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