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    Reenu and Sachin, a married couple based in Nasik, India, are the unexpected main stars of a website called Indian Couple. The website gives a sneak peek into their intimate moments.

    Despite the site’s name, Reenu and Sachin aren’t the sole people featured on IndianCouple. Along with them, several other performers make appearances in videos. These videos exhibit sensual massage skills and sexual positions inspired by the ancient Indian text, the Kamasutra. Viewers could potentially use the content to add a little bit of excitement to their own relationships.

    Even though they don’t appear in all the videos, Reenu and Sachin serve as the primary attractions. They feature in at least half of the 136 videos offered. Interestingly, they always wear masks when on camera, seemingly in an attempt to protect their identities. The efficiency of their disguise is debatable, but it’s not unlike Clark Kent managing to conceal his Superman identity with just a pair of glasses.

    The videos featuring the couple are reminiscent of homemade porn but are of high quality, available both to stream and download in Full HD MP4 format. The massage and Kamasutra videos, though seemingly more get polished, offer slightly less impressive quality versions. However, they certainly won’t disappoint viewers.

    When it comes to the photo galleries, Reenu and Sachin are the exclusive highlights. These 12 high-resolution collections mostly depict Reen’s solo instances, with few shots showing her performing sexual activities with Sachin. Unfortunately, there’s no Zip file download provision, requiring users to save them one by one—a slightly less daunting task due to the manageable size of the galleries.

    There’s no fixed schedule for updating content, but over the past 30 days, 32 new videos have been added while no new pictures were uploaded. Membership does not include other complimentary sites, but links to live cams are provided, which are free to explore but require extra payment for full engagement.

    Despite its short existence, Indian Couple has managed to compile a good deal of intriguing content. For those interested in observing regular Indians in their intimate moments or eager to expand their sexual repertoire with new massage techniques and innovative positions, this site is worth a visit.


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