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    I’ve never thought an adult content website would make me feel horny and nostalgic at the same time. Once upon a time, as a teenage boy, I was turned on by any woman I saw. Whether it was a busty lady at the cash register in a local store, a sexy teacher, or a girl next door with a fine ass, I couldn’t focus on anything but the ladies. I kept imagining them naked and wet, got a hard-on, and ran to the nearest bathroom to jack off. You know me, always a rascal, never a nerd. I wasn’t particularly interested in books until one day our local library got a new assistant, a mind-blowing busty brunette wearing sexy red glasses and a naughty short plaid skirt. All of a sudden, I needed a new book daily. She was fifteen years older but obviously had good taste in men. Soon enough, we were making out among the bookshelves. She couldn’t keep her hands off of me, moaning louder and louder. That scene comes to my mind every time I visit lilhumpers.com. I will be happy to present you my important opinion regarding the website’s adult content videos, with particular reference to its pros and cons.

    As the name would imply, lilhumpers.com is all about horny little fuckers who would put their dicks into anything, a cushion, bottle, refrigerator, any kind of hole that would cross their minds. Of course, they keep peeping throught the keyholes, watch through the window while smoking hot ladies undress or take a bath, and sometimes they get lucky enough to catch them off guard, horny and ready to teach them how to fuck. The boys are young, usually shorter than the ladies they screw or jack off to, but they boast big hard dicks. Unlike other porn websites, which are all about the ladies, usually not even mentioning the male stars’ names, this website has a couple of men pornstars with unique and memorable faces. The thing they all have in common is they look like teenage boys. Some of the most notable names are Ricky Spanish, Juan El Caballo Loco, Alex Jett, Tyler Nixon, and Sam Bourne. I am glad to see the dudes rule this fun and sexy website.  

    When it comes to the overall design, the first thing you will notice once you enter is a simple but well-organized website. The homepage will welcome you with a hot trailer video, something like a fast preview of everything you can expect from lilhumpers.com. It was clear to me from the start that lilhumpers.com is everything but boring. The guys are big-dicked, always horny, and the babes are smoking hot. The videos are playful, creative, well-produced, high quality, and super fun. The second thing my keen eye spotted was the enormous boobs of the blonde lady featured in the banner, offering the website visitors to join. There are six latest videos on the homepage, with hot and exciting content and witty and precise titles such as Lil Lawn Gnome, Humpers Infestation, and Snitches Get Stitches. At the time of watching, there is a total of six pages with the porn videos, and the exact number of Lil Humpers adult clips is 49. Not many videos, but all of them are high quality, featuring some of the adult industry’s well-known girls. The most prominent names found on LilHumper.com are Ryan Keely, Nicoletta Shea, Christie Stevens, Missy Martinez, and Brooklyn Blue. Once you scroll down the page, you will get a list of recently active adult industry actors. A total of 53 pornstars are taking part in creating the content for this fun website, both boys and girls.

    Every now and then, the membership window would pop up, which was a bit annoying at first. The prices for the lilhumpers.com membership are:

    8.33 USD a month for 12 months membership (billed in one payment of 99.99 USD)

    19.99 USD a month for three months membership (billed in one payment of 59.99 USD)

    29.99 USD a month for 30 days membership (billed in one payment of 29.99 USD)

    1 USD a day for two days membership (the trial period costs 1 US per day)

    Be extra careful when making the payment, since this box offers some additional info regarding the payment terms, stating the following:

    12 months membership: there is an automatic rebilling every 365 days unless you cancel the membership (99.99 USD)

    Three months membership: automatic rebilling every 90 days unless you cancel (59.99 USD)

    30 days membership: automatic rebilling every 30 days (29.99 USD)

    Limited access 2-day trial: automatic rebilling every 30 days unless canceled (34.99 USD)

    Let’s get back to the most important subject, and that is how to find the video that turns you on. You will notice a red box saying Filters used to open a new smaller menu. You can sort the videos by the release date, rating, number of views, or title. The dates range from last week, month, or year. The second option is to search for a specific model. Just click on the empty box, and the complete list of the porn stars will be offered, or type the first letter of the name you are searching for. Honestly, you don’t have to be a genius to figure out how to use these search options. Now, the categories. You’d be surprised at the plethora of standard categories usually found on similar websites such as blondes, brunettes, blowjob, big-dick, 18 to 24, 2 on 1, 25 to 34, 69 (indicating the pose, not the age), anal, etc. Interestingly, there is a witty twist to the category list as well containing ass licking, ass to mouth, ass worship, average body, average dick, ballerina, bald-pussy, belly button piercing, big dick worship, fuck N lick, innie pussy, kinky, sneaky, trimmed pussy or Valentines Day.

    I have always been a fan of strip joints, so I choose the Strip Club category. Only one video popped up, uploaded back in 2019. To be honest, I expected at least five since these sleazy places are the usual settings for some hardcore action. The thumbnail showed a video preview. When it comes to the plot, the video was about two horny boys watching a breathtaking striptease show performed by the famous Luna Star. She kept dancing around the pole in her sexy outfit and high heels. The guys couldn’t stop watching her big ass shake, so she decided to take them backstage and fuck their brains out. Both of them took turns in pounding this gorgeous babe’s shaved pussy. I approve of Milfs taking care of boys’ dicks, teaching them what a woman loves. The best ladies have taught me how to become a true master of pussy drilling. I remember my math teacher constantly reprimanding me about my homework, but actually, she wanted to show me I could always count on her delicious pussy. I don’t blame her. I have always been a handsome stud.

    The bummer is the videos are exclusive, meaning you have to become a member to enjoy them. The description is free to read. It is fun, precise, and makes you wanna make the payment as soon as possible to see the full video. Is it worth it? The videos are entertaining, hot, unique, high budget and are sure to tickle your fancy. There are some interesting plots, the boys are talented and always hard, and the babes are fantastic, bringing something new to the table. The videos’ length is usually around 20 minutes, offered in 1080, 720, 480, or 320 pixels. The content updates weekly. As you guys already know, the premise is a horny boy hunting down sexy Milfs, getting a hard-on, putting his dicks in any hole he can find. All of a sudden, the boy gets caught, and the lady decides to help him, teach him how to fuck, letting him empty his balls on her delicious body. The website offers many categories and fantastic sorting options, but the content is exclusive and available for members only. The truth is there aren’t hundreds upon hundreds of videos, but the existing ones are humorous, with a good plot, featuring the horniest guys and most beautiful female pornstars out there. I approve of LilHumpers.com and have added it to my favorites. 


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