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    Introducing CurvyErotic blog, a website that challenges the stereotype that erotic art is only for thin girls. This site celebrates the beauty of curvy and plus-size models, showcasing their seductive and classic looks. With a variety of models from different eras, the galleries featured on this site are filled with enticing descriptions. If you appreciate voluptuous babes, this is the ultimate destination for you.


    CurvyErotic has been in existence for over 7 years and has established itself as a reputable plus-size curvy babe’s erotic site. The owner of the site is registered in New Jersey, USA. According to Alexa rankings, the website is popular with a ranking of 26888. Its estimated worth is an impressive $89593.87.

    Site Design and Navigation:

    The website design is a bit of a mixed bag. The pale grey background and red color highlights are cool, but the bright white color on the photo thumbnail cards can be overwhelming. However, overall, the site is neat and has a clean appearance.

    Navigating through the site is a smooth experience, with plenty of sorting features and a search engine to help you find what you’re looking for. However, it can be challenging to fully concentrate on the site due to the distracting GIF banners from iStrippers.

    Categories Featured:

    If you’re tired of seeing scenes with thin and almost anorexic babes, CurvyErotic offers a refreshing change. The categories featured on the site include sex, Asian, bath and shower, bikini, blonde, brunette, classic, corset, costume, ebony, exotic, glasses, hairy pussy, high heels, kinky, landing strip, Latina, leather, and lesbian erotic photo scenes. It’s a feast for anyone who appreciates thick and voluptuous models.


    CurvyErotic boasts an extensive list of unique and beautiful models. Some of the notable names include Stacy Vandenberg, Alisa I, Avalon, Chelsea James, Britt James, Tina Lee, Lina Brunny, Maible, Paris Jade, and many others. Each model has their own page filled with erotic photos, accompanied by detailed descriptions. It’s a delight for fans of curvy models.

    Webcam Models:

    The site also lists a few plus-size models who are supposedly available on webcam. Unfortunately, clicking on their names leads to empty pages, which is disappointing. However, you can always try searching for them elsewhere online.

    New Models:

    CurvyErotic constantly updates its model lineup, adding new curvy models from various sources such as erotic websites, webcam models, and solo models. Every week, the site showcases a new set of models, ensuring there are always fresh faces to admire. With over 20 new models per week, the site boasts a vast collection of plus-size models.


    For those seeking some additional excitement, CurvyErotic offers a selection of strippers. These sexy bombshells, including Katrina Moreno, Cristina Miller, Stellar Cox, Candy Alexa, and many more, are sure to captivate you. Clicking on their names will redirect you to their respective iStripper pages, where you can download their stripping shows.

    Favorite Sites:

    CurvyErotic provides a list of recommended sites where you can find more content featuring thick and beautiful babes. These sites include Web Cam Sex, FREE PORN GAMES, BDSM porn, Fine Art Teens, Sexy Videos, and many more. Additionally, the site links to The Porn Dude, a comprehensive porn site directory with reviews and news.


    No sign-up is required to enjoy the content on CurvyErotic. The focus is solely on providing visual pleasure and satisfaction for visitors who appreciate curvy and plus-size models in various stages of undress.

    What I Like:

    I appreciate that CurvyErotic celebrates and showcases the beauty of curvy models. The galleries are visually stunning and of high-quality. The site is also mobile compatible, allowing easy access from anywhere.

    What I Dislike:

    I was disappointed to find that the links to the webcam models’ pages were empty. This issue should be addressed to avoid disappointing users. Additionally, the banners on the site can be distracting and disrupt the browsing experience.


    I would suggest fixing the issue with the empty links to the webcam models’ pages, as well as reducing the number of disruptive banners on the site.


    In conclusion, if you’re looking for a site that celebrates and showcases the beauty of curvy and plus-size models, CurvyErotic blog is the place to be. With its impressive galleries and a vast collection of models, including strippers, this site offers a pleasurable experience for those who appreciate the allure of curves.


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